Singapore – a foodie tour – Days 15 to 19

They say if you ask a Singaporean what the national pastime is, you have a 50-50 shot for their answer – shopping or eating! I did a little bit of shopping while in Singapore, but my percentage was more like 10-90, weighing heavily on the eating!!


My few days in Singapore were spent working out of my company’s Asia headquarters during the day and touring/eating my way around the city each night. It was so nice to meet my colleagues in person after working with them over email and webinar over the last 4+ years!

One of my coworkers, Daniele, gave me a laundry list of foods that were “must try” – some traditional Singapore, but also Chinese, Malay and Indian, as the population there is so diverse.

I fit about 15 meals into 3.5 days – I take my to-do lists seriously! Don’t expect amazing photos however…Asian food is hard to make pretty it seems!


On the menu included:

Chilli crab, which I didn’t snap a picture of since I was out to eat with my director at Palm Beach Seafood (the original chilli crab spot) so google image to the rescue – large whole crabs simmering in a spicy and sweet chili sauce that reminded me a little bit of BBQ sauce


Laksa – Malay/Singapore soup with prawns, noodles, tamarind, lots of spices, veggies and pineapple


Popiah – my new favorite “Asian burrito”, this Chinese roll is filled with veggies, peanut sauce, spices and prawns. So good I ate it twice!


Chicken prata – Indian roti, thin tortilla-like dough fried with curried chicken inside, served with a yogurt sauce and a red curry for dipping. So fun to watch them spreading the dough!



Char Kway Teow – Singapore fried noodles with fish and pork (not my favorite dish, but was worth it to see how much care goes into making this dish, even at a street stall!)


Chinese egg tart – I preferred my custard with coconut on top!


Curry puff – Indian or Chinese pastry (depending on your vendor) filled with curried chicken and potatoes. I could have eaten 3 if this wasn’t my 4th of seven food stops for the day! Pics a bit blurry, as we were literally on the move between kaya toast and biryani (see below)!


Hainanese Chicken Rice – omg makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Who knew something as simple as “chicken rice” could be so flavorful and delicious!


Kaya toast – Singapore breakfast of brown bread with kaya jam (coconut) and a slab of butter, served with poached eggs and condensed milk with a side of coffee or tea 🙂


Biryani – Indian rice with curry chicken


2 unnamed Chinese desserts made with glutinous rice – one mango, one ginger


Remember “way back when” when I was gluten-free and about 8 pounds lighter? 🙂

Eating my way through Asia has been completely worth it. The flavors, ingredients, pairings and street vendor experiences have made each and every bite memorable. One of the best parts about the Singapore food tour was I got to enjoy many dishes with my colleague and friend Daniele, who was a foodie tour guide from heaven!

I did manage to see more than a scrapped clean plate while in Singapore, and spent one morning at the beautiful botanic gardens, an evening on the harbor, a tour of the night safari, and wandering through Chinatown and Arab street. I’d like to think all this walking balanced out at least 2 of my 5 daily meals 🙂






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