Kuala Lumpur – Batu Caves – Day 6

I’m getting way behind on blog posts… Here’s day 6 when I’m really on day 11 over here in Bali! Hopefully soon I’ll get caught up! My travel buddies leave today, so I’ll have some down time as I hang out solo for the next 4 or 5 days in Ubud before heading to Singapore.

Back to day 6 – still in KL. We awoke to super overcast skies, which was frankly quite nice given the heat of SE Asia…a few clouds made the temperature much more forgiving. On the agenda for the day were the Batu Caves, just about 20 minutes driving from downtown KL.


We arrived at the caves by 9am, so we beat the crowds. Some photos I’ve seen of the caves have all 237 steps jammed packed with people (and monkeys!). We were lucky to be there early and with a bit of rain…kept all the other tourists away!

The gold statue out front was ginormous and it felt like he was keeping watch over the entire city of Kuala Lumpur.


The caves house a Hindu temple and tell religious stories via small temples around the perimeter of the cave. We arrived right after the morning religious activities, so we saw some Hindus in traditional garb with markings on their foreheads. Some even climbed the steps barefoot (with money poo – no thanks),


That’s the one part I didn’t really enjoy about the cave outing – the monkeys. They run all around the entrance and the stairs, waiting for tourists who feed them trying to get a photo. They’ve become pretty aggressive. One ran right up to a woman who’d purchased flowers to lay on the temple, grabbed the bad right out of her hand and went to town munching on the flowers. Eeeep!


After the caves, the afternoon was spent enjoying a huge Malaysian buffet at out hotel and relaxing by the pool once the clouds cleared a bit.


In the evening, we went to the KL telecom tower to view the city from 276 meters high observation deck. A big storm was rolling in, so while we didn’t have a perfect view of the city, we did get a show from Mother Nature – full with lightening and everything!




Our last stop was the Petronas towers (the twin towers we viewed from the observation desk). By that time it was down pouring, so not too much exploration outside. The view from below was pretty cool though!


They are all lit up at night and have a big mall on the ground floors. Seriously, KL loves its shopping! I didn’t get into shopping until Bali. I just bought a ton of stuff 🙂



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