Kuala Lumpur – Day 5

Kuala Lumpur is the biggest city so far on this trip – at least it seems much bigger and more modern than Bangkok. We upgraded this leg of the trip as well and are using Stef and Caitlin’s points to stay at the Westin on Bukit Bintang near to lots of high end shopping and restaurants.


It’s really nice to have a good hot shower (Ao Nang was lukewarm water at best and didn’t even have a curtain!)… Let’s compare:

Ao Nang:




Don’t think I have it too easy, I’m sleeping on a makeshift bed out of a lounge chair and a desk chair … Better than sharing a twin!


After checking in and getting settled, we headed across the street for lunch at The Pavilion – a huge mall with an overwhelming food court. I had a chicken dumpling spicy soup from a Tawianese shop – so soooo good!


On the docket for the afternoon were the Lake Gardens to check out a few nature reserves…bird sanctuary, butterfly garden and orchid garden.


There were nice views of the Petronas twin towers and the KL Telecom tower over the flowers.



The butterfly garden also had tanks for fish, turtles, lizards and a huge alligator turtle. Eeep!


The last stop near the lake was the National Mosque. I’d never been to a Muslim mosque before, so I was quite keen to head inside.


The building and grounds were beautiful. We took off our shoes to enter and donned a full length robe and a jilbab to cover our heads.



We were able to see the prayer area right before 4:30pm prayer. The structures, windows, floors, everything, were gorgeous.


I’ve never spent time in a Muslim country and it is quite interesting. The most noticeable thing of course is the attire of the practicing women – full coverage, head scarves, long sleeves and pants, even in the heat. I think it is all quite pretty! While I don’t think I’ll be donning a headscarf anytime soon, I certainly respect their decision to do so!


We spent an hour or so exploring the Central Market and Chinatown – this city loves its shopping!! Shopping for me is so boring and quite painful. The malls were very pretty and it was okay for a small amount of window shopping, but I can’t imagine spending more time that way!


We relaxed the rest of the evening at a restaurant near to our hotel where we could people watch the busy street. I had an avocado smoothie and some chicken satay with the best peanut sauce! I’ve eaten lots of delicious dishes on this trip 🙂 I need a bit of a detox!


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