Krabi – Ao Nang – Day 3

The last few days in Ao Nang have been picturesque Thailand. Ao Nang is about 30 minutes from Krabi town, the city area that the airport and region are known by, and it a great jumping point to explore some of Thailand’s famous beaches!


We are staying at Sabai Mansion, a steal for B1350 per night for three people (about $15 a night per person). It’s about 10 minutes walking from the main beach, but near to all the restaurants and shops, which has been quite nice.


After we arrived Monday evening, we went in search of food and sat down to a delish meal of huge tiger prawns, veggies and rice at Thailandia (which made us giggle), where there was a live band singing lots of old American pop songs. 🙂

Tuesday was spent in the most relaxing way. We started off our day with a long walk to the Ao Nang yoga studio for an hour of asana and pranayama. The studio was beautiful and had gorgeous wood floors.


The class was taught by an Indian man, and it was different from classes I’ve been to before, and quite hot! I’ll be needing lots of water during my month in Costa Rica, that’s for certain!


Our walk to the studio let us see some of the area outside of the tourist beach strip, so we peeped into a few stores, stopped at a mosque (this area has a big Muslim population) and said sawatdee (hello) to a few locals.


After yoga we went straight to a massage center for an hour’s Thai massage for B200 ($7). I’ve never had Thai massage before and holy cow! They dig into you with elbows, feet, knees, anything pointy really. Once they’ve kneeded every knot out of your body, they position you into stretching poses, climb all over you and use the weight of their body to stretch you even further. At the end of the hour, I felt like I’d been beat up/run over by a truck!

With a quick stop for lunch and a change of clothes, we then headed down to the beach to grab a long tail boat from Ao Nang to Railay Beach to relax some more. The ride was B200 doing trip and took about 10 minutes. The beaches at Railay were much nicer than Ao Nang and a bit more private.



The limestone cliffs jutting out of the water are so majestic, it is a rock climber’s heaven! I’d love to try rock climbing, but I think I’d start much smaller/indoors first. We strolled along the beach, took a swim and napped a bit under a tree before heading back mainland.


Happy hour beers were had while watching the sunset. If I could bottle up this glorious place and bring it home with me, I would!




7 thoughts on “Krabi – Ao Nang – Day 3

  1. Mary – You are quite the photographer! I am very impressed and I specially like the one with the boats. It looks better than a postcard.

    I am not sure why (because I don’t know you well enough to say this over and over) but I again feel compelled to say that I am proud of you for doing this for yourself, taking a break, taking a pause, taking a deep breath.


  2. Had so much fun reading your stories this morning . . . especially as we began what promises to be a bit of a dreary Thursday here in VA. Looks like your trip is becoming all you had hoped it to be!

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