Bangkok – Grand Palace – Day 2

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a huge compound constructed in the 1700’s as the king’s quarters. Monday morning was spent touring the many gold, shiny structures and seeing the little Emerald Buddha. The Palace is incredibly ornate and beautiful – truly nothing like I’ve ever seen before.



The detail was exquisite, some with really deep jewel tones and others with more muted pastels. The elegance was nearly overwhelming, as were the crowds and the heat!



The photos do it way more justice than I can describe in words…perhaps because it is after midnight here and I’m sleepy! There are also a few silly little gems floating around.


We also spied the Emerald Buddha through the window of its home…it is perched high above a tower shrine in its gold encrusted outfit. Supposedly his “clothing” had just been changed yesterday, as it is a few times a year, so he was wearing fresh threads for our visit!


Stefanie captured my favorite pic of the day. I have no words for how adorable these two are –


Bangkok met my expectations – a busy city, tourists, ornate temples and cheap food and drink. There were many friendly people, but also a lot of guys out to scam tourists. We obviously chose well frequented places in Bangkok, which was both good and bad – more hustling, but also more things geared toward the traveler.

I’m excited to see another side of Thailand, as we arrived in Ao Nang, a beach town just south of Krabi on the Andaman Sea. We’ll spend the next few days enjoying the beaches and nearby islands!


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