This amazing adventure has started! I woke up on Friday morning a mix of nervous, exhausted and giddy for this trip to begin. Taking 10 weeks off of “real life” is a dream and I feel so lucky to have the support of all my family, friends and colleagues! My send-offs this week were full of laughs, hugs, wine and cupcakes. Doesn’t get much better 🙂


24+ hours of travel time is wayyyy more than I’ve ever done at once, so I was a little worried about the long haul. I’m not a plane sleeper, so 13 hours on my first flight and then 8 hours on my second were a little daunting. So far, the first 13 flew by (couldn’t help it!).


I’m flying United operated by All Nippon Airways and it is fantastic! I managed a seat behind the bulkhead without a neighbor on the flight from IAD to NRT (Toyko) and was able to stretch out and get pretty comfy.


The service was fantastic and the food and drinks just kept coming! Almost immediately after sitting down, I enjoyed a snack of rice crackers and was presented with a dinner menu. There was a Japanese option and a Western option. I obviously chose the Japan-inspired menu.


The adorable bento boxes were full of soba noodles, edamame, pickled radishes, delish salmon and some japonese veggies I didn’t quite recognize. Some were potato-like in texture, others more like squash. Oh and I of course sipped an Asahi along with my meal. Best plane food I have ever had!!

After cleaning my plate, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a little tub of hagendas to devour while I watched Life of Pi. Seriously, can I fly to Asia more often?


Life of Pi was a fantastic movie and I’d missed it when it came out in theaters. It was a great distraction for the first few hours of the flight before I got too sleepy to keep my eyes open! I slept for about 5 hours before awaking to eat again and watch a couple more flicks!


Breakfast consisted of eggs, tomato sauce, Canadian bacon, sausage, TATER TOTS and fruit. They had me at tots. I also managed to drink about a gallon of green tea, both hot and cold. Luckily the bathrooms were huge and kept super clean throughout the flight. ANA is seriously where it’s at.

So now I’m in Tokyo. And I’m living the backpackers life, washing my face in the bathroom, wandering the airport to stretch my legs and, oh yeah, then I remembered I have united club passes, so here I am, blogging from the club lounge…enjoying more free food, beer from the coolest dispenser and comfy couches.


When I land in Bangkok, I’m meeting my friend Stef at the airport and then we make out way to meet Caitlin at the Hyatt. CP managed to use her hotel points to get us some pretty amazing digs for the first night. We are so spoiled 🙂



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