60+ Days in a 40L Pack!

I board my flight to Bangkok in 2 days…48 hours…2880 minutes…172800 seconds. No matter how you slice it, it will be here super fast! The last few days/weeks have been a blur of family, friends, travel, work, studying, and getting ready for my trip.

I can hardly believe at noon on Friday I’ll be sitting aboard a plane headed towards Tokyo, then to Bangkok. Then a magnificent 27 days around SE Asia, 9 days in San Francisco and then 31 days in Costa Rica. I’ve been having a lot of “is this real life?” moments lately, and they are sure to continue!

So that’s 67 days of travel. I’ll be taking 12 flights, sleeping in at least 9 cities and traipsing around with my sturdy backpack. All 40 liters of ol’ sturdy.

40L Pack

Luckily, most of the areas I’ll be traveling to are similar in climate (read: hot), so there isn’t much need for a lot of heavy clothes. However, we’ll be visiting a bunch of temples and other sites that require longer shorts/pants and sleeves, so I am packing strategically to make sure I’m respectful. I’m also considering a trek in Chiang Mai, and if I do venture out into the wilderness, I’ll certainly need more than a sundress and bathing suit!

My room for the last few days

My room for the last few days

Here’s what’s making the cut. Somehow I managed to pack in sets of three! My strategy is to take solids that can be easily mixed and layered. There isn’t going to be a whole lot of “trendy” going on!

“Nice” Clothes

Packing 1

tank tops – all plain, all the same style and brand, but different colors.  short sleeve tops. solid color dresses. jean shorts, blue cotton shorts and  longer black skirt and a white tunic style top.

“Active” Clothes

Packing 2

active short and skirt, tees – including my fancy UPF long sleeve, bathing suits, a colorful sarong and a pair of light cargo long pants

Shoes and Accessories

Packing 3

chaco flops, grey sandals and black nike frees, 4 pairs of socks, Nat’s hat, sunglasses, a digital watch a medium sized tote bag (this will be my “personal item” on the flight), my small cross-body purse, a compact “shopper” tote, a quick dry towel and a wet bag

Toiletries and Travel Necessities

Packing 4

Sunscreen, regular toiletries, make-up, some medicine. Pack cover for my bag in case of rain, a sleep mask for the plane. Silk sleep sheet / cocoon to avoid buggies! My running SPI belt to be used in place of a money belt and a couple gallon sized ziplock bags for wet/dirty clothes

Packing 6

Electronics and other entertainment

iPad, iPhone, iPad camera connection kit & chargers. Camera and charger. SE Asia budget travel book. 1 yoga book (lots of books on my kindle app!), a small journal and pen and, last but not least, playing cards!!

Gosh, as I type it all out, I’m a little concerned it isn’t going to fit! 🙂

For my travel outfit, I’ll wear a pair of cropped lulu tights, a yoga tank and a long sleeved, lightweight hoodie with my nike’s.

When I’m in San Francisco, my mom is going to bring me some yoga stuff to swap out for some of the nicer clothes I’m taking to Asia… all I need in Costa Rica are yoga shorts and bathing suits! It’ll be nice to get some fresh threads after wearing the same outfits for a month. It sure seems like a lot when it’s all spread out!

Yoga extras

It certainly will be a new experience living out of a backpack and rotating the same clothes. I am excited to pare down everything and really let go of some of the “material” of every day life. Between selling all of my furniture, living out of suitcases for the last month and now heading off with just a backpack, I think I’m well on my way of finding a little peace and quiet in our over-stimulated, consumer world.

Now, to finish packing, the most important step – go back in and take a couple things out…or else I’ll have no room for souvi’s!!

Have you ever packed for a multi-month trip?


One thought on “60+ Days in a 40L Pack!

  1. I didn’t know you liked Lara bars! A couple of weeks ago they were on sale and I had a coupon that doubled. I stocked up for just 50 cents a bar!!

    If coupons double in Chicago I will send you some when you get back.

    Have a wonderful trip.

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