Skin Cancer – Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

It’s been about a year since I had a little skin cancer scare. I had two moles removed, one from my face (the horror!!) and one from my torso…luckily enough, the one on my face was deemed a “sunspot” (really? I’m 27, not 77), but the one on my torso came back “atypical“. My doc assured me atypical did not = malignant, but I was a little traumatized by it all.  Because for real, ain’t nobody got time for skin cancer.

I am really, really freckly. And I love to be outside and in the sun. Last summer I was super careful with sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and the rest, but I there is definitely room for improvement on the preventative measure front.

Back in the "not so good" at sunscreen days!

Yes, I have freckles

First things first, I was due for my annual dermatology appointment to make sure nothing had cropped up since last Spring. I am happy to report that my doc gave me a clean bill of skin-related health! Just getting to the doctor is a great step towards preventing skin cancer…that atypical mole I had removed last year could have turned to cancer if it wasn’t caught early and taken off. So,

step 1 – keep your annual visit to the derm on the calendar! Non-negotiable!

step 2 – wear SPF 30 every. single. day. I try.

step 3 – when you know you’ll be in the sun a lot, invest in some extra protection. I’ve got some pretty amazing travel coming up that will involve beaches, and hiking, and surfing and a LOT of sun. I’ve been pursuing the UPF women’s clothing options. I see one of these in my future:

I’ve never worn clothing with sun protection built in, but these super cute rash guards will serve many purposes for me – UPF 50+, protection from bug bites, rash guard to surf and SUP and to just hang around in. I think it’ll be a fantastic investment!

I can’t decide!! Purple/white or Black/pink??? Heeeeeeelp!

I can’t wait to let you all in on my plans!! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Skin Cancer – Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

    • Unfortunately I did tan in college – I really regret it now! The mole I had removed on my torso was more than likely from the booth (as it was actually in a spot that would have been covered by a swim suit). I know there are great self-tan options out there, but I haven’t investigated… I’m weary of putting all those chemicals on my skin! Embrace the pale 🙂

  1. Most UPF stuff I’ve seen is incredibly garish (BTW I lost my father to malignant melanoma and have survived a stage 1 melanoma 9 years ago) in colour, so I’ve never gotten any. If I saw something like what you’ve posted (except, you know, for guys) I’d probably snatch it up in a heartbeat!

    • I guess I was born with them! Or at least born with skin that was freckle-prone! I love my freckles and always get lots of compliments on them. Honestly, I forget I have them – it’s just my skin 🙂

      • same here im coated everywhere i remeber when i was little i would sunburn so much, are u covered everwhere with them

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