Four Courts Four Miler – Recap

It’s March!

Precisely how I spent my weekend! Saturday morning was spent running the Four Courts Four Miler…one of my favorite races of the year! For the past few years, a great group of friends and I have run the hilly course to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and drink a few Guinness-es before 10am. It’s tradition!

Pre-race runners!

Pre-race runners!

The race itself couldn’t be more convenient…the starting line is 3 blocks from my apartment! I could roll out of bed at 8:30am for a 9am race start… which is the exact opposite of my Disney Princess Half Marathon experience, when I was up at 3am to start the trek to the starting line! 🙂

Post-race party at Four Courts!

The four mile course starts off on a complete downhill mile and then turns into rolling hills for mile 2 and 3. The real kicker is the last mile. Completely.Up.HILL. Ay caramba! Check out that elevation chart!

Race-wise, this is always a fun run. There is a leprechaun that starts about 17 minutes after the start, bangs out 5 minute miles and laps as many people as he can. If you beat the leprechaun, you receive a race premium at the finish line, and if you get leaped, Pacers donates $1 to the Arlington County Police Benevolent Fund. I started the morning feeling very charitable, as I figured I’d be getting leaped. 2 years ago I managed to squeak across the finish line JUST before the leprechaun… unfortunately the stars were not aligned for that kind of performance this time out 🙂

Let’s be real. I was there for the Guinness.

Four Courts after party

Happy St. Patrick’s Day week to you all! I’ve got one more booze-infused celebration this coming Friday – touring the Yuengling Brewery with my brother for his birthday! “America’s Oldest Brewery” should be a fun time!


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