Best Body Bootcamp Results

Another Bootcamp has come and gone! I can hardly believe it!

I didn’t share as much on the blog about bootcamp this time around…for some reason I felt more inclined to tweet about it. I’ve been anti-blog lately, so that probably had something to do with it as well. I’ve got a lot of topics I would LOVE to blog about, but waiting until the time is right. Until then…you get to hear about my workouts!


Best Body Bootcamp (BBBC) has been a game changer for me. Before I started the then new-to-me Bootcamp Round 3 in the fall I rarely, if ever, lifted weights. I ran, cross-trained and yoga’d, but free weights and body weight exercises were foreign to me. I thought they were boring…all those “reps”, bleh.

All with my meager "home gym" :)

I really invested in my “home gym” 🙂

Tina, the creator of BBBC and an awesome motivator, gave me exposure to countless exercises that showed me how fun (and fast!) weight lifting can go. Tina’s program incorporates circuits, pyramids, endurance reps, ladders, super sets, you name it. From a plethora of squatting techniques, to countless variations of the dumbbell row, I finally got hooked on lifting!

Welcome to the gun show

Welcome to the gun show

I’ve seen some nice results from all this work…from the starting point at the beginning of January, I am down 4 pounds and 5 inches overall. Pretty much every measurement I took reduced by 1 full inch, and my calves and biceps both by 1/2 an inch. In other news, my size 4 prom dress fit like a glove when I tried it on this weekend. Ahh to be 17 again!

Love this dress.

Love this dress.

From a capability perspective, my before and after stats are pretty good too:

Wall sit: 75 seconds (start), 120 seconds (finish)

Elbow plank: 65 seconds (start), 90 seconds (finish)

Toe pushups: 14 (start), 18 (finish)

72 jumping jacks in 1 minute (start), 80 jumping jacks in 1 minute (finish)

9 minute mile running outside (start)… I’ll test my finish time soon… not sure I’ll be much under 9 mins, that is super fast for me! 🙂

Up close and personal

Up close and personal

Bootcamp has helped me focus on strength and consistency of my workouts. The structure and community it provides is motivational and supportive. I absolutely love this program – so much I got my mom to participate this time around!! And, unbelievably, it is all put on for only $25 for 8 weeks of amazing, structured workouts.

Registration is open now if you are interested in joining for Round 5 starting April 1st. Unfortunately I have to sit the next round out, but I hope to catch back up in July!

I’ll leave you with my newest health obsession…my stand up desk constructed yesterday by my rockstar co-worker!

$20 bucks from Ikea parts!

$20 bucks from Ikea parts!

Woot woot!

Woot woot!


One thought on “Best Body Bootcamp Results

  1. You can take your stability ball in for when you need to sit for extra core. Thanks for sharing with me. I love it too but as you know have I have to sit the next round out too. Lm

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