Disney Princess Half Marathon – Recap

A weekend at Disney will surely cure your wintertime blues! I escaped the cold and dreary weather in DC and swapped it for five days of 85 and sunny in Orlando, Florida…it was just what the doctor ordered!

Yep, we ran through this!

Yep, we ran through this!

The big event of the trip was the Disney Princess half marathon Sunday morning. After resting my knee much of the last month after being diagnosed with runner’s knee, I set out with a goal to have as much fun as possible as I “just finished” this race. No time goals for me, but I was totally okay with that! My longest training run clocked at just under 6 miles, which is not anywhere close to 13.1, so I set out to run as much as possible and then walk/run the rest.

Disney Princess Expo
My coworker and friend Katy was running the race too, and a few of us decided to dress up as Minnie Mouse! I’d contemplated a more complicated princess outfit, but decided a group full of red and white polka dots would be much more fun!

Minnie's at the starting line!

Minnie’s at the starting line!

My costume consisted of the polka-dotted sparkle skirt with a Nike run skirt underneath, a black Nike dry fit tank, white adhesive felt cut into a collar and button, and a wired polka dot ribbon tied to a red elastic headband.

Minnie Mouse Race Costume Disney

My Minnie costume

The sparkle skirt ran me $35, but the other additions came in at $2.50 so not too expensive of a costume. I see the sparkle skirt coming out for a Halloween costume or a Christmas themed race in my future!



The race itself was full of firsts for me. My first destination race. My first race that started at 530am (and with fireworks!). My first race where I gladly stopped mid-race to take fun pictures and just enjoy the attractions along the course. My first race where I was battling an injury. My first race gluten-free, so no pasta dinner the night prior!

On the move toward Magic Kingdom

On the move toward Magic Kingdom

All of these things made the Disney Princess half unique and really a super fun experience. Disney certainly has this race thing down to a science. Everything from the expo, the shuttle buses, the placement of music and characters along the race course, the countless volunteers there to help in every way, down to the delicious (and gluten-free!!) box of snacks in the finisher’s chute was flawlessly executed. Given a chance to run another Disney race, I would definitely take it in a heartbeat!

Posing with the Newscasters outside of Cinderella's ball :)

Posing with the Newscasters outside of Cinderella’s ball 🙂

Oh, and a super adorable purple tech tee!!

Love the purple!

Love the purple!

Props for the GF!

Props for the GF!

Running-wise, things could have gone better, but with this swollen kneecap I knew a PR just wasn’t happening. There was a brief moment at mile 9 when I did the math and determined I could PR if I ran the last 4 miles in just under 10 minutes per mile. It wouldn’t have been TOO crazy of an idea normally, but it just plain wasn’t happening with the state of my knee and my feet. 13.1 miles kills my feet and I am always left with at least one blistered toe!

I spy Cinderella and Prince Charming!

I spy Cinderella and Prince Charming!

I’m happiest to report that a few days post race, my knee is feeling pretty good and my quads are slowly loosening back up. I credit a quick recovery to some strategic foam rolling, my Pro Compression socks and a few miles walking the evening after the race.

Princess Half Finishers!

Princess Half Finishers!

Post-race, we indulged in a delish buffet breakfast complete with Mickey Mouse waffles and celebratory mimosas.

Mickey Waffles!!!

Mickey Waffles!!!

Shout out to my friend Emily who managed to see me cross the finish line and was a great race weekend companion!!

Much needed ice at the finish line :)

Much needed ice at the finish line 🙂

Now, just two more races on the docket this spring. I have every intention to be in PR running form for April’s Cherry Blossom 10 miler! 🙂

Love the bling!

Love the bling!


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