February Fitness Challenge!

Can you believe it is already February 1st? Straight up craziness, I tell you. I woke up to a bit of snow this morning and it is definitely feeling like winter again after a couple strangely warm days in DC earlier this week.

I’m excited for February for a couple of reasons – mainly fitness related 🙂

February kicks off a wellness challenge at my office, where we have formed teams of 6 to log as many running and walking miles during the month as possible. Along with the training and development, corporate responsibility and employee engagement programs that I run, I also get to be the lead on our wellness initiatives. So far we have 22 teams participating – that’s 132 employees across the globe getting their run/walk on. LOVE IT!

The winning team gets to donate $1,500 to the charity of their choice, and the top three teams will gather for a sponsored lunch event. Doing good and free food? I’m in.

You better believe my competitive nature is coming out full force with this one. I did just read Born to Run a few months ago. It’s on!

FB Post

I’ve also got the best team in the world. Hanley booked 4 miles before work and I walked the icy 2 miles to the office. 6 miles down before 8am, and lots more to come! We are going to kick some major booty! We take team spirit pretty seriously! 🙂

All of this running is going to come in handy for me and my teammate, Katy, who is also running the Disney Princess Half Marathon with me on February 24th! I am so looking forward to 5 days of Orlando weather, laying by the pool, exploring the parks and taking a million pictures with princesses and other Disney favorites.

I’ll be daydreaming of 80 degree, sunny weather during my long run tomorrow in 32 degree snow flurries. Whoo!!!!

Happy Weekend y’all!


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