Lessons I’ve Learned in 100 Posts

This little blog made it to its 100th post! To celebrate, I thought I’d share a few blogging lessons learned with you and also a little bit about where I want the next 100 posts to go. But first, if I could gather all my life and blog friends around the table for a cheers, this is the wine I’d serve:

Merci beaucoup! Y’all are the best! 🙂 I’m feeling particularly French today.

Okay, now for the blog lessons.

Lesson #1: sometimes it takes 10 minutes to write a post and others take over an hour. Some days (slash weeks) I don’t really care to write at all!

Lesson #2: you can always count on your mom to read your posts – even if no one else does. Thanks, mom 🙂

Lesson #3: taking, loading and organizing the pictures is the hardest part for me… I’ve definitely made strides since my first posts (yikes!), but I have a long way to go. Perhaps a DSLR camera is on the wish list (yes, I just googled to make sure DSLR was the right acronym… and now I even know what it stands for!). I promise one day I’ll learn to love photography.

Lesson #4: people mistype into the google search bar all the time! My search term list is riddled with misspelled words and phrases I don’t really understand. Lots of hits off of “yoga clothing malfunction”… it seems I’m not the only one to give a bit of a “peep show” during yoga class. Plus, how many pages of search results did it take “cover ears target practice” to finally find my page???

Lesson #4: the most read posts fall into two categories – skin cancer and race recaps. I’m planning to only continue on one of those themes going forward

Lesson #5: I’ve got a lot to learn. Some days I want to pour all of my energy and creativity into the blog and make it amazing. Other days, I’m perfectly satisfied leaving it as is – simple, small. And then there’s a day here and there where I just want to take a break from it all. Take a pen and paper and keep my thoughts private. But, those days are few and far between. This blog has helped me practice writing, given me a reason to reflect on what I am doing and allowed me to be vulnerable every time I click publish. I don’t want to give that up just yet!

So, onto plans! For the month of February, I am participating in the 28-Day Blog Challenge hosted by the lovely Katy.

The challenge starts on February 1 and Katy is making recommendations of 28 things bloggers can do to pimp their blog to become bigger and better. I’m really excited to dedicate some time to this site and think it’s the perfect opportunity – as the blog turns 1 year old in February – to have a bit of a refresh.

So, thank you again dear friends for reading 1 or all 100 of my posts and being a part of my journey. I am so grateful to have you in my life!


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