2012 Travel: A Year in Review

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed I am obsessed like to travel. A lot. If I had the choice between having a designer wardrobe, meeting the President, or going on a trip somewhere cool, I’d be on the plane before you even told me the location!

In 2012 I was lucky enough to travel to 13 places. And some I went to twice! All in all I think I went on 16 trips in 12 months. That is pretty amazing and a part of my life for which I am so grateful!

2012 Travel List

2012 Travel List

Here’s a little game of 13 questions to highlight some of my favorite experiences in 2012.

Favorite place to chill out?
San Francisco‘s Palace of Fine Arts. Find a bench outside, grab a book, sip your coffee and enjoy the view.

Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

Smallest hotel room?
New York City‘s The Jane Hotel. Like a train car.  Made certain we spent the majority of our time wandering the city!

Most active trip?
San Antonio – so much to do and see here with the River Walk and the missions. Renting bikes and riding mission trail was an awesome adventure with my mom.

Taking a breather on the bike trail

Taking a breather on the bike trail

Coolest activity?
Swimming with the dolphins in Jamaica! Biggest grins of the year playing with my dolphin friends. Oh and it was for work so no dollars. Can’t beat free travel!!

A little nervous before our first kiss!

A little nervous before our first kiss!

Runner-up coolest activity (because it can’t possibly not make the list):
Helicoptering over the Grand Canyon on Caitlin’s birthday. Amazing. Awe-inspiring. I’ve never felt so much like a little ant in a huge world.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Best Italian dinner?
Giacomo’s in Boston’s North End. Tiny restaurant, big heart.

Trip I accidentally left off the list?
Asheville, North Carolina! I can’t believe this whirlwind trip escaped my memory, but perhaps we just packed SO MUCH into 48 hours that my brain couldn’t handle it all. Amazing trip for my mom’s birthday.

Top of the hike - we were in the Hunger Games!

Top of the hike – we were in the Hunger Games!

Best day trip while traveling?
Napa Valley wine hop. Can’t get wine like that in Virginia!

Mumm = yumm

Mumm = yumm

Best boozy beverage?
This one is a toss up between the delicious margaritas in San Antonio and these ridiculously large mojitos in Vegas. Margaritas for the win, since I didn’t get crazy hungover from just one!

On the rocks for me!

On the rocks for me!

Most underrated city on the list?
Cincinnati. Go for the chili, stay for the people.

Shortest trip?
Baltimore, Maryland. In both distance and duration. But I got to spend 24 hours with my sista’s so it’s all good.



Love these ladies :)

Love these ladies 🙂

Least blogged about?
Punta Cana, Brussels, Brugge and Amsterdam never made it to the blog. Oh, life!

Farthest travel?
Flight to Paris in June. Those international fights will get ya and I am NOT a plane sleeper 😦 But luckily I don’t get too jet-lagged, so within just a day or two I was ready to explore the most romantic city in the world.

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur

Best trip of the year?
Chicago over Memorial Day weekend. Shooting range, Cubs game, comedy at Second City, a boat ride and more, all with my best friends. Oh, and it’s Chicago. You can read about my love of the city here, here and here.

Packin' heat!

Packin’ heat!

So there you have it. I’m a lucky girl to have had such a year of experiences. My 2013 travel list isn’t quite as long (yet!) but has some pretty amazing destinations.

First up is Orlando in February for the Disney princess half marathon. Only gets better from there… Stay tuned! 🙂


14 thoughts on “2012 Travel: A Year in Review

  1. Thank you for the inspiration, i.e., I love the line, “If I had the choice between having a designer wardrobe, meeting the President, or going on a trip somewhere cool, I’d be on the plane before you even told me the location!” In a little over a week, I am going around the world and I keep getting asked, “Why?” Also, “Why are you going solo?” I actually wrote a blog post about going solo – many people don’t realize that’s the best way to travel on a RTW trip. Oh well.

    You’re young and have a clue about something many people don’t get until years later. Or, as Carlos Castaneda said, “The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.”

    Take care, Steve

    • Steve – thanks for the comment! I’m excited to check out your posts and live vicariously through you for the next couple of months! Such an exciting adventure – it looks like you have been/will be going to a few places I have on my yet to be disclosed 2013 travel plan.

      Good luck and enjoy every second!

      • You’re welcome. I look forward to following your yet to be determined travel plan too . . . Steve 🙂

    • Over the past five or so years I’ve gone on nine trips around the world totaling 22 countries… going it alone is the only way to do it. I’ve never traveled with anybody else, and at this point I wouldn’t know how to do it lol… I definitely agree with you!!

  2. Sounds like a great year! The Sacre Coeur was one of my favorite parts of Paris. Not as talked about, but it definitely evokes some different feelings.

    Also jealous that you made it to Chicago. That’s one of my favorite cities and my plans to make t back there last year fell through. :/ Always this year though!

    Happy Travels : o )

    • I think the Sacre Coeur is one of the most magical spots in all of France. Next time, I want to go up for a morning sunrise over the city and perhaps avoid some of the crowds. Amazing.

      Chicago. Yes. That is all.

      I just saw your post on the NM balloon festival…popping over now to read in detail – i LOVE hot air balloons!

  3. Almost thought you forgot our trip to Asheville until i kept reading. Wonderful year of travel, experiences and friends. Nothing better.

  4. This was a really dope post!! Glad you got to make it to my state (Ohio) and I hope you got as high in Amsterdam as I did lol (when in Rome…)

    I look forward to reading more from your blog though!! : )

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