Ready to Chuck my Training Plan

Do you ever struggle with a super type-A personality? I know my tendency is to calendar everything, create a spreadsheet and track.track.track. And then one day I get so fed up with tracking I want to set fire to every notebook, to-do list and training plan and THROW THEM OUT THE FRIGGIN’ WINDOW. Yes, my Saturday was that melodramatic.

I could give into this urge and give up my excel sheets, google docs and evernotes. And perhaps I will take a little break from all this documenting. But, I still need to do the things I’m tracking. I’m taking the PMP exam in 4 weeks, my half marathon is 7 weeks away, I start Best Body Bootcamp Round 4 this week (for the next 8 weeks), I’m doing this crazy allergen-free diet for 3 weeks (and possibly longer if I discover an allergy) and I’ve got an entire 2013 life plan tentatively scripted out, waiting to be acted on one month at a time. Control freak or ambitiously organized? You decide.

Holy overload. When did I get so committed? Better question, WHY did I get so committed? How did I wake up in spreadsheet-land (again)?

When I started thinking about 2013 goals and intentions, I chose Discovery as my focus word. Then, 5 days into the New Year, I was kicking myself – thinking I was going about “discovering” the wrong way. In my head, I’d painted a picture of discovery with words like revelation, unearthing, stumbling upon, awakening. In my mind, scripting and planning and training just didn’t mesh. Crap, I am screwing up my own intention!

To wrap my head around this, I sought out the all knowing google for a definition of discovery. Wanted to see what I was working with.

Discover: to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out; to notice or realize

Then to the thesaurus. Here I found a particularly interesting note:

The word discover goes back to Latin dis- and cooperire, meaning ‘to remove the covering; completely uncover.’ By 1553, it was used to mean ‘seeing or gaining knowledge of something previously unknown’ and ‘finding out; bringing to light.’ You discover (‘uncover’) something that is already there, something that has existed but is generally unknown – you invent something that has never existed before.

When I read this, something clicked and I started to feel better. Feel better about my schedule, my focus, my plan. I wasn’t doing it wrong at all! Discovery isn’t about making new, it’s about digging deep and seeing what things are already made of. Questioning. Pushing limits. Getting uncomfortable. Turns out I knew this when I completed the Unraveling the Year Ahead workbook, but I’d already let my mind wander away.

Discovery plus 4
I’d even made a note saying that I need to “realign my brain space to move away from things I have to do and shift my mindset to what can I uncover by doing this.” Need to start taking my own advice it seems!

I realized that in the commitments I am making, I am taking action to discover things about myself. Things that are already there, but unknown to me. The long runs aren’t for nothing. In addition to making sure I can finish the half marathon without dying, they are also serving a purpose of discovery. Discovering how far I can go, how hard I can push myself, how willing I am to make adjustments and changes based on what my body is telling me.

I don’t feel so bad anymore. The goals and commitments can stay. The tracking and analyzing and stressing can go.

I’m with LarissaI hate resolutions!


5 thoughts on “Ready to Chuck my Training Plan

  1. I love this: “they are also serving a purpose of discovery.” I definitely need to remember this more often. For all the goals and challenges I participate in, I need to do better at remember the “greater purpose” so to speak: health, strength, stress release, etc. It’s so easy to get stuck in the stats and forget WHY I enjoy running and workout out. I plan to start a 1/2 mary training program in March, so I’m dedicating January and February to doing workouts that I WANT to do, rather than what a schedule says I have to do. It’s refreshing.

    Discovery is such a great word for your year! (Also, love that workbook. It helped ne focus so much).

  2. Love this post! Discovery can sometimes including pushing ourselves and working hard and lots of challenges. It takes us out of the comfort zone to really uncover new things about ourselves. And don’t let BBB become a stressor for you. Have fun and make it work fo ryou!

    • Bootcamp is most definitely not a stressor. LOVE the way it is completely flexible to life/other training plans. It’s more the half marathon mileage that “got me down”. Nothing like penning a blog, figuring out my thoughts and discovering something about the process to make Sunday’s recovery run incredibly enjoyable! 🙂

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