Whirlwind NYC

December is my favorite time of year to take a getaway to New York City. Bundling up in a knit hat and scarf, navigating the crowded holiday streets, sipping hot tea while taking a stroll through Central Park sounds perfect to me. In fact, I can’t even imagine what the city is like in warm weather and sandals. NYC is a boots and jacket city to me!

Horses in the park

Horses in the park

Oh, and it was Santacon

Oh, and it was Santacon

I took a bus up from DC on Saturday morning to meet my friend Caitlin, who is a consultant in Manhattan during the weekdays. We found a little hideaway in the West Village to call home for a couple of nights – The Jane Hotel. True to NYC, the rooms were exceptionally tiny, but had a lot of character! The Jane used to house shipmen from the nearby piers of the Hudson, and their rooms are strikingly similar to a ship’s cabin. We’re talking bunkbed style – about 7 feet long and 5 feet wide. Cozy for two 🙂 We both loved this place, but probably wouldn’t want to spend more than 3 or so nights there. Yelp reviews do it pretty good justice – and, we paid $270 TOTAL for two people staying two nights in NYC. Can’t beat it.


Bunks at the Jane



Saturday afternoon was spent catching up during a walk around Central Park and down 5th Avenue to catch a glimpse of the tree and some of the storefront decor. Crazy packed with tourists!!! Glad to not be staying near Times Square this year…


Rockefeller Plaza

Saturday night we popped around a few quiet places in the meatpacking/village area. First stop was a glass of wine in the bar and lounge on the main floor of The Jane. I wish it was my living room – dark, detailed, upholstered. We pushed back dinner to sit and enjoy the fireplace and art along the walls. Eventually we headed out to Bakehouse Bistro on Horatio…a small venue with views of the Hudson. Our selections included a pinot noir, ragu and black kale, scallops and perfectly roasted brussels sprouts. Good portions and depth to the flavors.

After our meal, we walked about 10 rainy blocks to slip into The Otheroom, a dark corner of a bar, more suited to romance than a girl’s night of chatter, but enjoyable nonetheless. From a pair of bar chairs, we could watch the street traffic and see through some of the windows to huge apartments with christmas trees and exposed beams. The West Village has character, with cobblestone streets, small storefronts and access to the high line. Fun to explore without the crowded, pushy streets of midtown.


Scenes in the Village

One more stop back in the lobby of the Jane, which had become a full out party, before I eventually climbed into my bunk to call it a night.

Sunday I managed to snap a few more pictures, as we made a seven mile stroll along the city to see the 9/11 Memorial, Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown and Little Italy, Greenwich and enjoyed a perfect Italian meal back in the village. Post to come Friday!


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