Race Costumes – Jingle All the Way 8k Recap

This weekend, I ran in my first costumed race! The Jingle All the Way 8k in DC is a big fat costume party and my friends and I joined in on the action – dressed as all of Santa’s reindeer!

Most of the crew

Most of the crew

We did some serious iron work with our reindeer “jerseys” and topped them off with antlers. While not the most elaborate costume, it was easy to run in and way comfortable! Rudolph’s red stick on nose even made it to mile 2!

Our jerseys

Our jerseys

There were so many cool costumes on the course – lots of santa’s, elves, penguins and reindeer, but hat’s off to the group that ran together as AN ENTIRE NATIVITY SCENE. Complete with a live baby in the stroller 🙂

The race day was a lot of fun, but definitely not a good showing on my part. I woke up the morning of the race to pretty heavy rain, a sore throat and a few body aches. I wasn’t sick enough to no show on “team santa” but was far from feeling my best. So, I just did the best I could and ran the first 5k or so, and then made my way to the finish line walking a very chilly 2 miles…but my feverish body just wasn’t enjoying the stomach jolting jog.

Too bad I couldn’t just fly to the finish line! It was still a fun race with a lot of great people and gets me excited for creating a princess costume for the half marathon in February!




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