GOTR Fall 5k

This past week has been full of Girls on the Run! This fall, I have participated as a Team Adelaide member with the Potomac Lighthouse Academy in DC. Monday, I visited the school for my second team practice and got to know some of the girls a bit better. Girls on the Run members are 3rd to 5th graders, and then there is another program called Girls on Track for 6th to 8th graders. This Monday, I spent practicing with the GOT team and a few of the GOTR members came along as well.

Potomac Lighthouse Team Pic!

Potomac Lighthouse Team Pic!

Tuesday, I was back downtown stuffing over 2000 race packets full of coupons, temporary tattoos, bubble bath, healthy living journals and other goodies for all of the girls running the end of season 5k. And finally, Sunday, I spent at Anacostia Park volunteering and running with my team.

Running Buddies!

Running Buddies! I broke out my robot arm!

I’ve really enjoyed being a Team Adelaide member, since it has given me the opportunity to know some of the coaches and many of the girls a lot better. When I showed up for practice on Monday, one little girl (who’d only met me once, about 5 weeks prior), exclaimed “Hi, Ms Johnson!!!!”. 🙂 When I joined the team today at the run, I got a lot of hugs and high fives from the girls as well. I loved feeling like I was a part of it all!

I ran the 5k with my running buddy Kiya and had support from one of my friends as well. Shanna and I took part in the festivities and got ourselves face-painted before the race. GOTR puts on an amazing event and it is so inspiring to see all of the girls out together, cheering each other on and sprinting across the finish line.



I am so happy to have found Girls on the Run! It is my favorite way to give back, and I get SO MUCH back in return 🙂

We did it!

We did it!


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