No Spend November – Recap

I’m having this weird moment where November 1st seems like ages ago. Like way more than 29 days and 8 hours have past. It’s been one of those months where some days have dragged on, but by Sunday you don’t know where the week went. But I guess that is how most of our months seem when you pause to reflect on them!

I set out November with a game plan to save some money. I think I might have gone a little light on myself, since it wasn’t really too difficult to abide by my self-enforced rules.

No Starbucks — I did it!!! I resisted many urges to pop over to Starbucks throughout the month for a chai. I actually thought about it more often than I thought I would…possibly because my office friends have a daily habit 🙂 but I opted for a cup of hot tea made in the office or at home whenever a craving hit. I don’t know that I’ll be keeping this streak alive, but perhaps I’ll move to a once a week indulgence.

$0 🙂

Only buy drinks out at happy hour prices — this one didn’t work out too well actually, since I ended up going out on Saturdays, when happy hour doesn’t exist. Stupid bartenders wouldn’t give me a deal! But in all seriousness, we did find a happy hour that had $1 drinks, so I figure what I saved there can be distributed to a few full price glasses of wine!

$5 bar tab and $38 from Saturday drinks out

Travel frugally — done and (not actually) done. My trip to Baltimore was super cheap…$30 Amtrak train ticket and about $40 spent on eats & drinks. My other planned trip to North Carolina actually got postponed, so I guess it’s a win since I spent zero dollars!

$70 for Baltimore and $0 for North Carolina

Eating out at lunch only TWO times — success! Also a little difficult, as I turned down a few lunch invites without “good reason”. But this is a big savings for me!

$23 for two lunches out

Setting a race budget — my plan is to spend $500 on races in 2013, including my destination race at Disney in February! I’m counting my travel for that as vacation, so it’s coming from a different budget 🙂

$200 in race registrations for the Jingle Bell 8k in December and the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February

Beyond these things, I obviously had some other expenses like groceries, my gym membership, random bills, and I did spend about $200 shopping, including a pair of black loafers that were completely necessary for new “commuting shoes”, a book for my kindle, a Christmas gift and some items for donation as well.

By cutting back on some of the easier items (coffee, booze and food), I also defaulted to spending less in general. Being more conscious of my spending in some areas definitely bled over to others and I thought twice before handing over my credit card. All in all, I spent about $300 less than I do in a normal month. Cha-ching!!! If I can keep this up, my spring time travel plans may just be extended by a week or two 🙂


One thought on “No Spend November – Recap

  1. I hate managing money, it’s hard and frustrating when you are tempted by things. My parents decided to give me money this year for my birthday instead and I had to tell myself just deposit and save it. You’ll appreciate it later.

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