Counting my Blessings

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays…right up there with Easter. Any holiday that involves getting your family around a table, preparing a big meal, drinking wine and just being plain grateful is tops in my book. And I’m dying to dig into some pumpkin pie (this may be happening a little early – there’s one already in the fridge!).

This week, and every day, I’m counting my blessings. I am surrounded by joy and my life is full of abundance. Thank you to all who bring laughter and love in to my life!

I am most thankful for ~~

Spending time with my family, who provide support, laughter, advice and a whole lotta love.

Us girls

Family pic

Chatting away with my best friends for hours and hours.

Shooting range with the BFFs

Love these two to pieces

All of the places I’ve had the privilege to travel to and explore. I’m incredibly excited for my future travel plans too!


In Paris

My ability and love of running. Some days are tough, but running, training and racing has brought so much to my life over the last few years.

Happy half marathoner

My new found strength through best body bootcamp. I no longer fear the squat!

Writing every day. I love this blog. I love the thought process at happens each day in taking notes, brainstorming posts and dreaming about what my writing could turn into one day.

image via

And the little things I am thankful for each day. Hot showers. A mug of tea. Breathing fresh air. Learning something new. Laughter.

Much love. Happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate!


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