Squat…and then squat some more!

I’ve done more squats over the last four weeks of Best Body Bootcamp than I think I’ve done in my entire life! This power move is one I’ve avoided in the past (along with most other strength moves), mainly because I never felt like I was doing them quite right.

Performing squats can be a little precarious, because it is so easy to do so with poor form. I’m no trainer, but I’m always keeping an eye on my knees to make sure they are aligned and stacked right on top on my toes. I’ve done enough yoga to know that you should always be able to see your big toe when you are in a squat or lunge position!

Once you get your form down, squats are literally the.best.thing.ever. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. Squats will help you burn more calories and fat throughout the day. Those thigh and butt muscles are huge, compared to say triceps. Get your body workin’!

2. Squats help prevent injuries. Build up the muscles that support not only your knees and hips, but really your entire body.

3. Squats will better your performance. Whether you are running, swimming, biking, walking, dancing or just bending down to pick something heavy up off the ground, squats will allow you to do it better.

As a part of Best Body Bootcamp workouts, we’ve done wall squats on a stability ball. Single leg wall squats on a stability ball. Wall sits. Surrender squats. Split squats. Barbell squats. Plié stance squats. Push press on a bosu ball. Holy wow, that is squats galore!

My favorite variations are the split squats, surrender squats and wall squats with a stability ball. Split squats just hurt so good!!

I’m obviously super excited about all this squatting. First of all, my thighs are looking mighty fine if I can say so myself! I have skinny legs that don’t do much for me, so I am so excited to see some muscle definition. But beyond that, and more importantly, I have felt a major difference in my runs. I powered up a hill the other day that I vividly remember wanting to walk the last time I was on that route.

Anything that helps me go stronger, faster or longer on my runs is awesome in my book. I no longer fear the squat. 🙂

Squats are where it’s at y’all!

And I’m happy to take part in linking up for Fitness Friday – take a few minutes to check out some awesome fitness-focused blogs!


5 thoughts on “Squat…and then squat some more!

  1. Totally agree! I was never one to willingly incorporate squats into my gym routines, but BBB has forced me to. I also have noticed a difference in muscle difference and I improved my running mile by 20 seconds and it felt easier than ever. If only I knew that before I ran my half marathon! 🙂

  2. I totally agree too. I haven’t done this many squats ever! I love the split squats, they killed my butt this week. But, I’m noticing changes and it’s amazing.

    Keep up the hard work!!

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