Get Yo’self a Life Coach!

I’ve always wanted a life coach. Shoot, I want to be a life coach. I’d love to have a cheerleader on my side, encouraging me to take risks, prodding me to dig deeper, asking me the questions I’m too naive or afraid to ask myself. And then, I want to turn around and be that for someone else.

It’s one thing to read blogs, pin motivational images and quotes on pinterest, or vent to your best friend (and I do these things daily). But to sit down, one-on-one with someone who has dedicated that time for you – to listen, to encourage and to help you achieve greater understanding – that is just so personal, so intimate.

Newsflash: I’m not that great at accepting help or guidance. I’m a little headstrong, and a lot type A. I have a tendency to make gut decisions without always looking at the whole picture. And I tend to bite off a little more than should be chewed in one mouthful. I know all this stuff. And now I have been given an opportunity to change some of it.

Last week, my nerdy dreams came true when I met with my life coach for the first time. Through the leadership program I am participating in this fall, I get my very own coach for 6 sessions. That’s 360 minutes of a seasoned professional’s time dedicated to helping me. I couldn’t be more excited or more grateful.

My coach is through the International Coaching Federation and has gifted her time to my program. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at her office. I’ve never been to a therapist, a coach, or even a mentor (who I didn’t have an established professional relationship with). I was nervous – what if she doesn’t “get me”? Or worse, what if she tells me my dreams and plans are no good, not realistic, too impulsive?

I managed to calm my anxieties and and luckily, we immediately hit it off. From the moment I walked in we chatted casually, as we made tea and found our way to a comfy couch to get settled.

I was pleased to find out my coach’s background is an exact match to my interests – studied psychology (clinical and organizational), had a successful professional career as a consultant who traveled the world helping organizations be more effective (organizational design), and now is retired as an executive coach helping people overcome challenges and be better versions of themselves. She’s even a meditation expert and had her office decorated with Tibetan prints and artifacts. Seriously, I want to be her.

Beyond my total enthrall with her background and journey, I found her to be very warm, inviting and just intuitively helpful. I spoke to her about my ideas and challenges and for each one she carefully listened, asked me thoughtful questions to go a little deeper and then gave helpful suggestions or ideas that had never occurred to me.

I left her office after about 75 minutes feeling refreshed. Energized. Like I am on the right track.

It was awesome.

She gave me some homework and we are meeting again next week. I am confident she is going to help me move forward, uncover ideas and dreams I’m too afraid to talk about and help me stay on course.

Could I get there without her? Probably.

But I believe guidance will help me get there faster, with greater confidence and with a deeper understanding of why I’m making some of these choices. It’s about awareness, mindfulness and acceptance. Being aware of your situation, being mindful of how your decisions impact your future and accepting guidance from others to help you become the best version of you possible.

So, seriously, go get a life coach.


6 thoughts on “Get Yo’self a Life Coach!

  1. Wow, exciting! Good luck exploring your goals more and putting things into action. I think I would love having a life coach to help me narrow things down and get a plan in motion.

  2. Glad you had a good experience! Sometimes it is very helpful to have a person encourage you and keep you accountable, even if you know all the steps to get there.

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