Welcome to Charm City!

What a whirlwind of a weekend! I hopped a quick train from DC’s union station up to Baltimore to spend some time with two of my very best friends from college. It was a super easy 35 minute ride between the stations and I barely had time to crack open the book I’m reading. Before I knew it we were in Charm City!

Love these ladies 🙂

We hit up a few really cool spots in Bmore. Our first stop was Mustang Alley to get in a few friendly frames. I am terrible bowler and came in last BOTH games. I did mange a couple spares and one strike that was immediately negated with a gutter ball the next frame, ha!

Fall fashion at its best!

The alley was a really cool renovated space (an old Tack Factory) with lots of interesting touches. Does your bowling alley have metallic mason jars with flowers and adorable painted lanterns? Bet not!

Bowling Alley decor

Hurling a 8 pound ball down the alley worked up quite an appetite, so we headed over to Bond Street Social for American style tapas and jugs of red and white sangria. Old traditions never die and the old “jug ‘o wine” somehow always manages to make an appearance!


The food was excellent, with dishes ranging from steak tartare to rock shrimp tacos, to my order of chicken and biscuits. Delish! The atmosphere was also really cozy with lots of gas fireplaces and a couple long wood bars with ample flat screens for football games. Would definitely recommend checking this place out.

Between venue changes, this happened. There are no words.


Leaving our Viking hats behind (although with a few more drinks we could have been wearing them in the bar), we made our last stop Saturday night to 13.5% Wine Bar for a glass of vino, dessert and lots of girly catch up time.

Lots of choices

Spending the evening with two ladies who have known me for almost 10 years, who have been by my side when things have been awesome and when things have been absolute crap was just the best. Our conversation was all over the place – catching up on each other’s plans, our families, our relationships/prospects and just silly stuff too. There is nothing better for your heart than to be with people who love you and accept you just the way you are, and I’m so lucky to have these ladies in my life!

13.5% in Hampden

Baltimore has so  much character, I absolutely love it! Being such an easy trip up from DC, I definitely need to make my way north more often to explore some of the neighborhoods and little shops and bars. Lots to discover and great friends to do it with!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend filled with good eats, warm drinks and best friends!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Charm City!

  1. I went to a wedding in Baltimore a few years ago and was surprised to find it is so much more than The Wire portrays it to be. Jugsss looks perfect for winter/fall nights. Thanks for sharing your trip!

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