No Spend November

Suddenly it is November. And cooold outside! I can’t believe how quickly this year is going by – so much accomplished, so many great times with friends and family and so many changes.

November for me is when I start a little winter hibernation. Not so much going in to hiding, but instead focusing my time and efforts on the people and things that are most important to me. There’s something about the chill in the air that makes you want to snuggle up on the couch with a warm cup of tea and just pass the day chatting with your best friend. It is also the perfect time of year to give back and be active in your community. Of course, service is needed and appreciated year round but there’s nothing wrong with some renewed focus around the holidays!

And then the fitness aspect of the winter season! I am a total anomaly (at least for the last few years) and actually find it easier to fit in exercise and eat well in the winter. Probably because I much prefer to run in the cold versus the warm. And nothing sounds better than a yoga class to warm up in the evenings, before walking out with frost on the ground. It’s a little weird, I guess.

One thing that I’m not so good at, is getting up in the morning to fit in a workout! These last two weeks on Best Body Bootcamp, I’ve managed three of the six strength training sessions before work and it has been difficult! I’ve yet to fit in a strength training and interval cardio session in the morning, but I’m hoping to get there next week.

I just move sloooow in the AM. I really need a solid 90 minutes of being awake under my belt, with a little tea and breakfast in my belly, before I’m fully functioning. I’m actually looking forward to the time change this weekend, so hopefully having daylight before 7:15am will help my internal clock adjust a bit to being up so dang early!

I’m starting to understand the concept of “trying to fit it all in” that I’ve heard from people with more responsibilities than me (partners, kids, real bills to pay, etc). As a single lady who answers to no one, I’ve always been able to make my own schedule without much trouble. But turning in to a grown up, with multiple volunteer commitments a week, class sessions for the leadership program I am in, running dates and weekend getaways, I’ve really had to schedule in my workouts and make adjustments to my daily routine. It ain’t easy! I feel for you guys that have munchkins running around, dogs to walk and errands to run!

So, speaking of responsibilities, one of my non-fitness related goals for November is to really, reeeeally watch my spending. Contrary to the title of this post, I’m not going to spend nothing, but I’m going to spend as close to nothing as possible! I have a tendency to buy airline tickets on a whim, or drop a couple hundred bucks on a new season’s wardrobe (only twice a year people!). Either way, those expenses definitely add up and I need to do a little counter-action to balance out my life and my bank account.

No Spend November tactics

  • No Starbucks. All month. Good thing my Starbucks card just ran out and I hid it, so I can’t add more $$!
  • Only buy drinks out at happy hour prices. Ha! This one makes me smile. There’s no way I’m not going out, but when I do, I’ll be drinking the cheapo beer!
  • Travel frugally. I’m heading to Baltimore and North Carolina this month – one by train, and one by car. I’m going to try to spend less than $250 on both trips! I’d actually considered a last minute weekend in Toronto, but decided that $500+ will be better spent on a big trip I’m plotting for next year…
  • Eating out at lunch only TWO times all month long. Considering I’m taking a week off of work, I think I can manage this one.
  • And the hardest one of all. Create a race budget for 2013 and try, desperately, to stick to it. I end up spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year on race entries and travel to races. This is one I’ve got to put a cap on in 2013! I may have to buy a race registration or two in November to guarantee my spot, but it’ll be part of the plan!

I’ll be doing some budgeting on the train to Baltimore this weekend 🙂  Happy Friday y’all!

What races are you running in 2013? I’m taking suggestions!!


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