Fitting in Fitness

Staying healthy and fit can be challenging when you are constantly on the road! Weekend getaways, work conferences and a packed social calendar leads to overindulging in red wine and restaurant noshes. Fitting in a fitness routine can be daunting, but it is far from impossible!

With the holidays approaching and time becoming more and more limited, I thought I’d highlight a few fitness strategies that I plan to rely on this winter season!

Best Body Bootcamp

I’m so excited about this one! For the first time, I am joining a bootcamp program – online! I have read a lot of blogs and talked to many friends who love bootcamp style workouts for their intensity, motivation factor and circuit-induced muscle burn. With a little research, I was excited to find an option that didn’t require a 5am meet up with a drill instructor in the grassy fields around my neighborhood!

In the spirit of social networking and blogging motivation, I’ve signed up for the Best Body Bootcamp series, organized by Tina Reale. For $25 (only!!), you take part in an 8-week bootcamp program with hundreds of folks around the country. Each week, Tina organizes 2-4 strength training workouts for you to complete – mostly with body weight or minimal equipment. So, these can be done from your home, your hotel, outside or at a gym – whatever your preference!

I will definitely be reporting back on my experience and on how well I’m able to fit this into my hectic schedule.

Pack your Running Shoes

I have blogged before about the benefit of running on vacation. I have to admit I’ve been really slacking on this one lately. I’ve enjoyed one too many margaritas for a run to sound appealing! And in Jamaica, I managed to bring an old pair with only one set of laces! Beach running did not happen.

However, this winter season, I’m bringing it back. I’ll be the fashionista on the plane in my leggings and Brooks Ghost 5 (favorite running shoes, ever – hello, they are purple!).

Taking a lap around a new city provides a fresh perspective – on the place you are visiting, on your dedication to personal fitness, and on the people (and puppies) you’ll meet along the trail. Try fitting in at least one jog over a long weekend and if you’re lucky, drag along your travel partner!

Don’t forget all of the normal precautions. Map your run before you head out the door so you don’t end up needing a taxi to get you home. Wear reflective clothing if you are going out early or late. Ask a friend (or the local running store) for guidance on the best route. Even better, see if there is a fun run happening while you are in town. You can search on Road Runners Club of America, but I’ve found success with the local running stores. Just a quick google search will net you a fun group of new friends just waiting for you to run with them!

Set a Progress Goal

I’ve got a secret to admit. I’m raced out! After training and running 7 races this year (*last two are at the end of this month!), I need a new goal. So, I’ve decided to set a goal that is more about daily progress than it is about an event. Between October 15, 2012 and October 15, 2013, my goal is to log 1,000 miles running.

For those of you that don’t want to pull out a calculator, that averages out to 2.75 miles per day. Every day. For a year.

I’m so jazzed by this. It is something I can chip away at, while building a super stable running base to support me when I inevitably sign up for a handful of races in 2013.

AND, I can set myself mini-wins throughout the 1,000 miles. Score!

I’m still working on my reward scheme, but I’m thinking 100 miles gets me a pedicure, 250 earns a new piece of workout gear, 500 brings home a pair of lululemon tights, 750 warrants a massage and 1,000, well… I think I need to come up with something big for that one. Perhaps a membership to a yoga studio or barre method class package. The fitness possibilities are endless! Plus, who knows what my latest obsession will be come fall 2013!

With these three goals in mind, I know my winter season will be packed with happiness-inducing endorphins. To give it an extra kick in the butt, here are a few of my most favorite motivational pins —


14 thoughts on “Fitting in Fitness

    • Hey Casie – I’m so excited to try the online bootcamp. There are around 400 people participating, with weekly prizes, a facebook group and a lot of folks to connect with over twitter. I’m looking forward to some major social motivation. This is the third installment and people keep returning, so that is a good sign! Seems in tune with your post on finding motivation from the people you surround yourself with!

      • Yes motivation from people you surround yourself with is great. I met my friend through my bootcamp session at the gym and we’ve been great friends since. 🙂

  1. I love the idea of the 1,000-mile challenge! For simplicity’s sake, I might start on Jan. 1 (with the rest of the world, ha!) so that DailyMile can track my year-to-date miles a little easier. 2.75 miles a day makes it seem so doable!

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  6. I really enjoy working out. It helps me clear my head (a lot cheaper than therapy) and its also makes me feel good about myself, especially my body. This past summer I had an internship that was very time consuming. On average I was working (on my feet) for over 50hrs/week. So it was hard to get good workouts in with the little time and little sleep i was able to get. When I got back to school this semester I told myself I was going to get into the best shape I’ve been it. And I can say that I have done that. I have been logging my workouts so that I can really know how much I have been doing and what has been working. Part of logging my workouts is that I have been tracking my miles. I love your goal of 1,000 miles. With the New Year right around the corner, I think I too will accept the challenge. Thanks for sharing!

    • I can be tough to fit it all in – I’m definitely learning how to do that myself. I find these personal challenges as the best way to hold myself accountable and feel accomplished every day I’m able to fit in some fitness. I didn’t get into this too much until after school, so you are way ahead of me lady!

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