Staycation – Pups and Pilsners

This weekend, DC was the place to be! Finally a weekend at home after much travel over the last few months. Among other outings in Arlington and DC, Sunday’s highlight was the Pups and Pilsners festival in Crystal City with my family! It is so nice to have the people I love close enough to spend an afternoon with! Now that my bro is up in the area too, there will be lots of get togethers!


Family pic

Crystal City is a really nice area of Arlington, Virginia with lots of little parks, eateries and fun things to do. Wine festivals, art shows, outdoor movies and more! I need to make my way over to the area more often…I tend to stick to my “side” of the highway!

Crystal City Water Park

Fall is officially here, and Sunday’s 70 degree temps and bright sun were the perfect conditions to meander through beer tents and meet adorable puppies. I wanted to take home some of the frenchies and other little baby dogs.

Practicing for dog ownership!

Violet made a star appearance.

Little Val!

There was also a Nat’s fan in attendance. What a cutie! Yes, my future puppy will be clothed. In sports gear!


The festival featured tons of local breweries and some from other cities around the US. My favorite was the Flying Dog Dogtoberfest – just enough sweet with a little spice. Delish! Also great was the Blue Mountain Brewery’s Kolsch. Yum!

Cheers to the Weekend!


Really nothing better than a sunny day, filled with good beer, love from my family and lots and lots of puppies.


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