‘Copter Ride and a Vegas Celebration

Las. Vegas. Sin. City.

Las Vegas strip at night

I’m always shocked at how much I actually love Vegas. It isn’t really my normal style or scene, but there is something about the city that is so enthralling. Gambling, all night parties, lots of beverages and R-rated establishments seem so…intoxicating. For about 48 hours. Then, you wake up feeling like your soul has been sucked out of you and you need to catch the next plane home.

I won no money.

Luckily, this particular trip didn’t end that way – since we managed to act like ladies and even bring a little culture and nature into our gallivanting!

I traveled out to Nevada from DC on Friday morning, snagging a direct flight that landed me in Sin City by 11am. Talk about efficient! I met up with some of my favorite girl friends who live all across the country – and while I desperately miss them being in DC with me, I love that we get to travel and meet each other in really fun places!

Love these two to pieces

We stayed at the Aria, which is a newer, more modern hotel right smack in the middle of the strip. I highly, highly recommend this hotel! Fun pool scene, sleek casino floor, ah-mazingly comfy beds and a fantastic location.

So modern

Can I just sleep all weekend?

Since we were all trickling in over the course of the day, we set up shop on a couple of pool lounges to await the arrival of the rest of the clan. Obviously vacation required a beverage, which we managed to find in big-gulp size. I had a cucumber mint G&T that was as refreshing as it was heavy on the G. Sipped poolside, it at least cooled me down in the 105 degree heat!


After a few hours lounging and making new friends at the pool, we spent the rest of the evening enjoying a nap, long dinner and an evening stroll on the strip. Vegas is definitely good for some people watching!

Take me back to the city of light!

Friday was a pretty early night, because Saturday a few of us had to be raring to go for a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon! My first time in a ‘copter and seeing the GC!

Ready to go!

I was a little nervous about being in such a small space in the helicopter and worried it would be really bumpy, resulting in the discrete use of the puke bag. To my surprise, I kept it together for the entire ride.

We started the tour over Lake Meade, cruising past the Hoover Dam and then on to the main attraction. I have never seen such barren land and so many layers of coper-toned rocks and soil! I am an east coast, forest and trees kinda girl, that’s for sure! Seeing how different the landscape is in the west is just plain crazy. I was trying to catch a glimpse of big horn sheep, deer, coyotes or a band of wild horses. To no avail.

Lake Meade


People hike this thing?

This trip was AWESOME. Please do it. It was worth every stinkin’ penny!

Big smiles!

Now that we packed a little nature adventure into our weekend, it was time to return pool side for an official birthday toast! Champs all around!

Toast to CP!

And then, a bit later in the evening, a night out on the town to the Palm and the Wynn hotels. Dancing, drinks and lots of people watching – crazies come out in Vegas!

Birthday night out on the town!

It was a fantastic weekend with a few of my best girls. I am so glad we spent the time (and saved the drinks) to allow us to see the Grand Canyon while we were in town. For a bunch of 20-somethings celebrating a birthday, I’d say we kept our wits about us and really made the most of our 48 hours in town. Until next time, Viva Las Vegas!


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