Life’s Busy!

Apologies for being MIA lately…

Over the last week, I’ve had lots of exciting things going on and am gearing up for even more excitement over the next few days and weeks.

Highlights include:

Baby boy Lincoln – born June 14 to fantastic parents and good friends of mine. I visited Lincoln in the hospital and got to hold him at a day old – so surreal!

Little baby Lincoln!

G-pa turned 92! Holy macaroni! We celebrated the birthday and life of my very best man on Saturday at Lake Anna. It was a perfect day – bright blue skies, warm sun and cool breeze. Lunch on the water and speeding around the lake a bit before drinks and celebration! Even at 92, my grandpa know’s how to host a fantastic party 🙂

Gpa’s 91st birthday at the lake! Somehow didn’t manage a pic this year!

Packing for Europe. Yes, I leave in a week. Yes, I started packing already. So shoot me! Mike and I are traveling light – 2 carry on suitcases for 9 days. That takes some serious packing genius. I did a dry run last night – we are golden.

Trying to fit 9 days into a carry on!

In preparation for packing, I did more shopping. Maxi dresses galore! Despite the amount of room they take up in the ol’ carry on.

Maxi’s galore!

Some really cool things going on at work that I’m super proud of – hosting a resume workshop with Dress for Success DC, where we got to help over 15 women edit and improve their resumes in hopes for getting back into the workforce. Launching year two of the leadership program. Hosting a simulation. Having 400+ employees take the classes built and offered under my leadership. Pretty darn amazing. And time consuming.

Starting to read 50 shades. Enough said. For now.

So bad, but sooooo good!

So, there you have it blog world. It’s not that I don’t like you, I just like my real life more 🙂

Off to Asheville, NC to celebrate my mom’s birthday on Friday, and then PARIS in one week…seriously, could things get any better?


2 thoughts on “Life’s Busy!

  1. I love everything about this post…so many great things to enjoy!!! Have a blast in NC 🙂 see you Monday!!

  2. Love the picture of you and your grandpa. Don’t forget to check the weather before your final packing – might not be as summery across the big pond. MK

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