Shopping Spree

Over the course of 3 days, I spent a whole lotta money! I’m getting way too excited for our trip to Europe and pretty much decided an entire new wardrobe was necessary. Cue up my favorite stores to score deals – Target, Marshall’s, Nordstrom’s Rack and a few other stops at Eastern Mountain Sports, Trader Joe’s and Barnes and Noble, and you get a sense of how I spent my weekend (and my benjamin’s!).

An iced mocha frappaccino and a good read on 3 of our 4 European stops got me in the mood for outfit planning! Got to have cute threads to wander around the Netherlands!

Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges, oh my!

Before I get to the clothes portion of this post, I did manage to score some cool stuff for my apartment –

New summer place mats, kitchen towel and cereal bowls!

And brief update on the window garden – Aphids managed to get my cilantro, but all the other plants will be saved with this miracle organic spray!

Happy organic insect spray!

One last stop before we get to the good stuff – I needed some healthy food to make sure I can fit into all my new dresses and shorts! Trader Joe’s was a necessary and delicious stop.

Love all the pretty colors

Okay, finally!

First on the list were shoes. I refuse to walk around the fashionable streets of Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam in my Nike Free’s! I needed a pair (or two) of shoes that would be comfortable enough for a multi-mile stroll, but cute enough to wear with my dresses. I considered a pair of Tom’s, but have had a hard time finding a style and size that actually fits my 10.5-11 narrow feet.

I ended up finding a pair of gold toned Sperry’s at Nordstrom’s Rack for less than $60 – cute, comfy and neutral enough to wear with a variety of outfits. Sold!!

Boat shoes for my canoes!

Of course, I’m not planning on wearing these for 9 days straight, so naturally, I needed another pair. Enter Chaco’s – super comfortable “adventure sandals”. So approp! These bad boys have major arch support and are recommended by podiatrists. I’m convinced!

These will have my feet covered!

Now, what to wear on the upper 90% of my body! Dresses, shorts, skirts and cute tops! I started with the top two pair of shorts from Target – the magenta ones are a bit heavier material and dressy, while the black pair has really fun cut outs around the bottom that remind me of my childhood! Then I added in two more pair (purchased last weekend) from Ann Taylor Loft. Casual and comfy is the name of the game.

Quite a mix of styles!

Add in a few new shirts and I’ve got an outfit or two –

A little nautical feel

Cute for day or night!

Casual and very cute on!

I also picked up a few new dresses – ranging from work appropriate to summer wedding style. Everything I purchased will get worn throughout the summer and fall, so I feel like the beaucoup dollars I spent were worth it. Many fashion pics to come from the streets of Paris! I hope Mike is ready to be my cameraman!

I’m going to have a full suitcase!

Happy Monday, ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “Shopping Spree

  1. Yay!! All adorable outfits… FYI – I wore my TOMS all over Europe and they were ahh-mazzing on my feet! Hella excited for you and Mike! ;D

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