Target Practice

Memorial Day in Chicago was a BLAST! We packed so much into 3 short days…I needed a vacation when I got home! Instead, I got a crazy busy week full of work, volunteering, family time and 5k’s over the weekend. Lots going on around here and no time to blog!

Over Memorial day, we biked, ate, drank, laughed, saw old friends, shot guns, boated, drank, ate, ate, watched baseball, sat on rooftops and ate some more.

Saturday included a bit of exercise before chowing down at dinner and enjoying some drinks at the comedy club!

Bikes by the Planetarium

Chicago Cityscape

Dinner Reunion with Allie and Zach 🙂

Laughs at Second City Main Stage

Sunday kicked off with a fantastic brunch with Caitlin’s rents (Rachael Ray’s potato and egg frittata – yummm), before we headed out to play for the afternoon. First stop – shooting range.

Stef showing off her gun(s)

Rules of the Range

All the requisite protection in place! Head, eyes and ears!

We started with some fresh targets on the rifle range – shooting 50 yards down field on a Savage 17 gauge HMR rifle. It was Stef and my first time shooting rifles and handguns, so we had a tutorial from Caitlin and her dad. I think we were a little nervous, but the range was super laidback and welcoming, and Caitlin’s dad gave us lots of insight into safety and how to shoot the gun without hurting ourselves (I was trying to avoid massive bruising or a super sore shoulder!).

Fresh Targets

After we took a few turns on the rifle, it was time to go see how we did!

Getting some tips from Mr. Patrick!

Targets after round 1!

Pretty darn proud of my first rifle shots!

Then, it was on to the handguns. I was pretty hesitant about shooting a pistol – it seems to violent and frankly, more dangerous.


But, after seeing Stef and Caitlin handle the Sig Sauer 40 mm semi-automatic and a Walther PPK 380 (i.e. James Bond’s gun), I wanted a go at it myself! I did a couple rounds on the small one, but started to freak out after 2 shots of the larger and heavier Sig Sauer….no thank you! Back to the rifle for me!

Shooting the Walther PPK

I think I liked the rifle the best, mainly because I was good at it!!

I mean business!

Before we left, we had to do a round on the skeet range to shoot trap with our shotguns. I’ve got a Baretta there that was heavy as crap! I swore the backwards cap really helped my aim too! Needless to say, we had a lot of fun at the range!

Charlie’s Angels style!

At this point, we’ve been in Chicago approximately 28 hours. I wasn’t kidding when I said we fit in A LOT. Next up is an afternoon on the boat, with a stop for drinks and snacks at Blarney’s Island – this was pretty much Jersey Shore in the middle of a river (and only accessible by boat). 🙂

Towing the boat to the river!

Our oasis on the river!

Blarney’s was complete with fake palm trees!

After people watching, eating a bit and having a couple drinks, we were off to explore the river. We managed to swim for .5 seconds, before we decided the “refreshing dip” was all we really needed! After the boat, we headed to town for a late dinner and some DELISH ice cream at Sweets…perfect way to end an amazing (and long!) day!

Monday (Memorial Day) included another fantastic brunch at Elly’s, a diner down the street, before we headed to Wrigley Field for the Cubs vs. Padres game. No better way to spend Memorial Day than at a ball game – beer, dogs, pretzels, tight pants and home runs!

At the game 🙂

And the Cubs won! Double win for the day.

Cubs Win!

If you can believe it, the weekend continued with another reunion on the roof of a friends new place, dinner in Bucktown at Club Lucky (great italian! heard it used to be around in the mafia days!) and fro-yo back on Wells St.

Tuesday morning came too early, with an 8am flight back home. Straight to work and back to reality 😦

I’d say it was a pretty fantastic Memorial Day!


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