DIY Coasters for Mother’s Day!

It took 26 years (well, okay, almost 27) to actually enjoy crafting. When I was a kid, the closest I got was covering my hand in glue, letting it dry and then telling anyone who would listen that my skin was peeling off! A flesh eating bacteria!

I may have had a similar experience via Mod Podge in preparation for Mother’s Day. I was a mod podge mess after 3 rounds of DIY tile coasters, but the finished product was well worth it!

Happy Momma’s Day!

The idea for these was far from original (ALL over pinterest), but I loved going to the craft store to pick out the scrapbook paper to use for each of my gifts – such a personal touch!

I gathered together my supplies:

12 white tile coasters ($0.16 each from home depot!)

4 sheets of scrapbook paper ($1.99 or less from Michael’s)

Mod Podge

Paint Brush, Pencil and Scissors

Supplies for my momma

Supplies for MK!

Surprise Supplies 🙂

Trace the coaster onto the scrapbook paper to get your measurements – you’ll want to trim the paper by about a quarter inch on all sides for it to fit onto the tile.

Rough Measurements

The Scraps.

Now that you have your squares cut out, you are ready to mod podge it on! Start with a thin layer of mod podge directly on the tile surface. Center your paper and push firmly onto the tile.

Ready to go!

Add another layer of mod podge on top of the paper – don’t worry, it will show up white, but will dry clear!  Allow this to dry for about 20 minutes before adding another layer.

Mod Podge

Repeat this process 3 more times. This will seal the paper and get it ready to host an ice cold beverage!

All lined up and ready for wrapping 🙂

Once dry, flip them over and add a small, felt furniture protector to each corner – this will help avoid scratches.

Add a little protection from scratches

Last step is to tie them up in a bow and bestow them on your favorite people!

Twine screams DIY

All of this comes to a grand total of… drum roll please… $10.45 for 3 sets of coasters. That is $3.49 each! Talk about thrifty – no wonder these are an internet sensation!

Grand Total!

Housewarming, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Hostess Gift, Birthdays… the possibilities are endless. I’ll be cooking up another batch soon! I need a set for myself! 🙂


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