Avocado Smash

Yesterday’s post included my favorite breakfast of all time. And last night, it may have become my favorite dinner of all time! Why not? Breakfast for dinner is one of life’s sweetest pleasures 🙂

Had to sneak a few bites before the photo – too good!

The combination of over easy eggs, a fresh avocado and hearty toast is so gooey and delicious. If you’ve never had egg and avocado together – it is a must! To round out the meal, I prepared sweet potato hash, which is really just a sweet potato cut into small pieces and cooked in oil until brown and crispy. I use my cast iron skillet to get the potatoes nice and hot and just the right amount of burnt! They taste like they’ve been cooked over an open fire! Sometimes I’ll add a little chili powder or cinnamon to the potatoes, but last night it was plain and simple – just olive oil.

Sweet Potato Hash

Now, if you don’t want to make this meal, you might still get something out of this post! Here is a quick kitchen tip to make your life easier:

How to save an avocado without it getting all brown and mushy!

First, section off the avocado you’ll be eating and follow the steps to save the rest:

Fresh avocado

Gather your supplies – saran wrap and a zip lock baggie:


Take a small piece of saran wrap, just enough to wrap up the remaining avocado. Cover the avocado, making sure the saran wrap is tight around the exposed fruit:


Slide your saran’ed avo into the zip lock bag and squeeze out all of the air. Zip that baby up and you’ve effectively sealed your ‘cado into a vacuum sealed environment – that it will live in fresh and green for a few days.

And zip locked!

Really, it’s not like you’ll ever have an avocado staring at  you from your fridge for more than a few days right? It is BEGGING you to eat it!!


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