Recipe for a Perfect Day

What would a perfect day look like in your world? While every single day can’t be spent doing exactly and only what you want, it is such a good practice to think about what would make up your “perfect day” and then try to do at least one of those things every chance you get.


My Recipe for a Perfect Day includes:

Wake up without an alarm to a sunny morning

Enjoy a steaming cup of hot tea and a healthy breakfast of over-easy eggs, smashed avocado, ezekial toast, sweet potato hash and fresh fruit

Yumm… top rated breakfast of all time.

Take a walk outside, preferably with a puppy in tow and find a lake, stream, ocean – really, I’ll take any body of water. I’m craving a puppy again!

Kayak on said body of water. Jack’s Boathouse – you are mine this summer!

Paint a fun, colorful picture to give to someone I care about (my recent gallery below!)

Yes, that is a quote from The Notebook. Haters.

D&C are having a baby boy!

Run or lift weights – something to remind me my body is alive and powerful

Read a good book, preferably something that comments on human nature and relationships. My most recent read was “Saving Fish From Drowning” and comes highly recommended by both myself and MK! The story follows a group of misfit friends through Burma on an adventure guided by the person who brought them all together. The catch is she is guiding them from beyond the grave, as she died mysteriously a few weeks before their trip. Sounds weird right? Well – it was a fantastic commentary on what motivates people, how they perceive other cultures and what can happen when you blindly trust someone.

Just read it already!

Write something to share with someone – a blog post, a letter, a thank you card or even a work communication (now, that really is a stretch!)

Help someone learn something new. Enter GOTR, my day job and other volunteer opportunities I am pursuing – more to come!

Talk to (and listen to) someone I love and care about. Brownie points if they are close enough to touch!

What does this say about my priorities? Good things I hope!! What’s on your list? I’m taking suggestions for additions to mine!


6 thoughts on “Recipe for a Perfect Day

  1. Mary those paintings are so adorable! You should open an Etsy shop lady! My perfect day would include a delicious breakfast, a leisurely hike with the puppy and Jon near some place with water, a delicious meal at a yummy restaurant and some drinks and relaxation with some good friends 🙂

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