Reasons Why Yesterday Was Amazing

1. I don’t have skin cancer! Yay!

2. (this is a really close second) Mike and I are halfway through his overseas assignment!! We are thisclose to booking flights – and then the countdown is on!

Pretty soon, we’ll be on a beach – in Europe! 🙂

3. The development program I manage at work “graduated” last night and honoring them in their achievements made my day. They created a video for me that literally is the best thing I’ve received in my career. Validation at it’s very best, complete with background lyrics from Vitamin C’s Graduation! 🙂

Memories! Love this group of people 🙂

4. I was featured on Peanut Butter Fingers – in a post about the organization Girls on the Run. I was so happy to have the opportunity to share my experiences with GOTR and hear about what other people are doing. I’m back to volunteering with them at the end of May and first week of June for their spring 5k – more to come!! Thanks to Julie at PBF for single handedly tripling my blog views!

Peanut butter AND chocolate? SOLD!

And today is shaping up to be pretty fantastic. Nothing better than working from home and a little starbucks to get the day started!

It’s a skim latte! I’m still chai latte free!!


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