The Biopsy Results are In

And I DON’T have skin cancer! I’m dancing in my chair, smiling ear to ear, feeling giddy happy and so thankful for these results.

This is My Happy Face!

The spot on my face was determined to be a sun spot – which makes me feel like I’ve totally earned my grandma status!

The spot on my torso was what they call “Atypical Nevus” – which is a benign (love that word) growth that shares features of melanoma, but is NOT melanoma. These moles disguise themselves as melanoma with the ABCD features – asymmetry, border irregularity, color and diameter. So, long story short, they need to be checked out by a doctor and examined to make sure they aren’t the real thing.

Having Atypical Nevus puts me at greater risk of developing melanoma in my lifetime.


I’m okay at wearing sunscreen during the summer months at the beach and pool, but I am terrible at wearing it on a daily basis. Insert new life goal here – sunscreen everyday and never get melanoma. I’m seeing a floppy, wide-brimmed hat in my future!

Oh, and I’ve officially graduated from a bandaid-ed face to a steri strip. I can’t say I prefer either one. I’ll be ready to be bandage free by the weekend!!

I might be cranky about the steri strip, but I’m thrilled that sucker is BENIGN!


7 thoughts on “The Biopsy Results are In

  1. Mary! I am happy to read your news πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I’ve been using sunscreen everyday for the past 6 years. At the beginning it was a little bit annoying, but it became a habit. Also, there are many cosmetic brands [from MAC to Dior] that have moisturizer and foundation SPF 15.



    • thanks Leti! Sunscreen will need to become the new normal fast, because I love being out in the sun! I’ll be testing a few varieties over the next few weeks to get ready for beach season!

      Maybe I can borrow one of Cae’s floppy hats…I’m partial to the cowboy hat with skulls πŸ™‚

  2. Actually that is the reason I started wearing foundation because it had sunscreen in it. So glad you are fine. The best news. LM

    • Thanks, Katy! Also, I loved the post about your mom today. You said it perfectly that a positive attitude doesn’t mean you don’t have negative thoughts or bad days – the positive just has to outweigh them! XO

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