Mole Removal – The Biopsy

Warning – if you don’t want to see me without makeup or are grossed out by stitches, this post is not for you.

Thanks to all who read and shared yesterday’s post about my experience with scary looking moles. My hope in sharing this story is that one of you, all of you, wear more sunscreen, visit a dermatologist and STOP or NEVER start going to a tanning bed.

This morning, I had my biopsy appointment. It wasn’t great. But, my dermatologist was fantastic – really caring, talked me through the whole thing, answered all of my questions and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable during the procedure.

I was still pretty grumpy about the whole thing.

A quick reminder of what we are dealing with –

Abnormal freckle on my torso

Bunch of freckles under my right eye

The super abnormal mole came off my torso pretty quickly… and I was completely numbed, so didn’t feel a thing after the initial needle prick for the local anesthesia.

The bunch of freckles on my face was a little more complicated. My doctor very kindly talked me through the different options I had for the biopsy, and we decided to go with the option that would leave the smallest scar. She said she thought the biopsy would come back benign and if so, the bulk of the “sun spot” could stay right where it was. Or, if I decide I don’t like the way it looks, I could have a cosmetic procedure to remove it.

So, instead of doing a shave biopsy (which I had on my torso), she opted to take a small piece of the freckle from the center of the bunch (using a “punch method”) and to close it up with a single stitch. So, I’ll be walking around with a “nelly-esque” bandage under my right eye, will potentially have bruising like a black eye and have to take it easy exercise-wise until the stitch comes out next Tuesday.

I'm looking like frankenstein!

I think I prefer my inner-gangsta vs. monster persona.

Long term, I should have only a slight scar from the stitch and be all healed up within a few weeks.

Biopsy results will be back in 2 weeks. I’m going to do my best to forget about it all until I get the call from the doctor. Fingers crossed for both being benign!

In the meantime – I’ll be making myself feel better with this little assortment (pic below). More to come on this stuff tomorrow!

Happy girl!


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