Freckles: It’s a love/hate relationship.

Have you met me? Then you’ve noticed my freckles. Here’s recent proof from the RnR half – yep, I’m pretty well covered in them. My uncle once told me the were angel’s kisses – very sweet.

A few weeks ago, I finally went to the dermatologist – something I’d been wanting to do for a long time, but just flat out never got around to. I had never been in my life. Crazy right? Considering the number of freckles that cover the majority of my fair skin and the years spent in the sun during sporting events, beach vacations and shamefully, a few trips to the ol’ tanning booth in college. I decided it was the “adult thing to do” to finally get checked out. I figured I’d have an issue, just because I know my body and out of the million of little brown spots, there was bound to be a renegade or two.

And there were two. First, a spot on my face I obviously knew was there. I’ve done some digging up of old photos and it looks like this baby appeared in summer ’09. So it is new. I always thought is was just a cluster of little freckles and how unfortunate, that they congregated in a little pack under my right eye. I actually was planning to ask the doctor if there were any creams or treatments she could give me to lighten the spot. Didn’t know she was going to tell me it needed to be cut out.

And a close up of the renegade bunch:

Then, a second little rascal appeared near my torso, in a spot I can’t say I’ve paid any attention to (much less visible than the above). This one has pretty classic warning signs – asymmetrical, weird border and pretty large in diameter compared to other “normal” freckles.

Tomorrow, May 1st, they’re coming off. And I’m really nervous. It should be a pretty quick procedure, with just local anesthesia and I can even metro home. I’m more nervous about what comes after – waiting for the results of the biopsy. This is my first surgery, first scar and first personal experience with my body having an “issue”. It’s a pretty crappy feeling!

In the scheme of things, this removal is minor and in the long run a little make-up and lots and lots of sunscreen will be my new best friends. If the scar is all I have in the end, I’ll be counting my lucky stars. Post-op pics to come as a warning to wear sunscreen and never, ever go to a tanning bed.

Oh, and do me a favor and make an appointment with a dermatologist – if you don’t have one, find one here.

Learn more about the risks of skin cancer through this video – 


4 thoughts on “Freckles: It’s a love/hate relationship.

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