Yoga Malfunction

Last night I ventured back into my local gym, stepping foot into treadmill-land for the first time since December! All winter long, I went full outdoor runner and shunned any form of cross-training. However, ever since my formal training program ended for the spring races, I’ve been an unmotivated mess when it comes to physical activity.

To give my motivation a boost, I grabbed my yoga mat and headed back to what used to be my Tuesday/Thursday ritual of vinyasa flow classes. Stretching, isometric strength moves and countless sun salutations at one time were my weekly saving grace, and the thought of working out with an intention was pretty appealing.

Working up to something like this!

I was in a bit of a rush after skyping with Mike and quickly changed into yoga pants and a workout top – making the rash decision to forgo a sports bra…the nike workout top seemingly had enough support for a light yoga class, and frankly I haven’t done laundry in ages. Gotta save the sports bra for the necessary activities, like tonight’s 4 mile run.

Well, about 2 sun salutations in, I recognized my mistake during an innocent enough upward facing dog… sans sports bra I was seriously lacking in the coverage arena! I swiftly grabbed the sweatshirt I’d worn into class and proceeded to complete the full 75 minute yoga class in a tunic style, hooded sweatshirt – talk about hot yoga!

Luckily, my wardrobe malfunction didn’t ruin the night for me and I have renewed my love of the class and even going to the gym. It was nice to have a room full of “peeps” (couldn’t resist 🙂 ) that were all pushing through the same moves with you – I’ve missed that a little on all of my solo runs.

I'm the one with the white bandanna!

Next on the list is a spin class – used to be my go to workout, so we’ll see if I still have that push in me. Looks like I’ll be stocking up on sports bras this weekend!


Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction at the gym? How’d you handle it?


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