Bake Sale – Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries!

Today, I hosted my first ever bake sale! Ha, I can barely believe it myself. You see, I’m not much of a baker, unless there are barely any ingredients and none of them are oil. So, instead of going the traditional chocolately, gooey route, I went light and healthy! Let’s see what sells!

First off – why am I having a bake sale? Well, a part of my job is Corporate Responsibility, meaning that I help my organization positively impact the community in which we work, along with a variety of other earth/human-friendly initiatives. This week we are holding a few events to support the World Cancer Research Fund (of which I am personally invested in more than one way) – including today’s bake sale, a 3k fun run/walk, and a happy hour event complete with a raffle – all with the theme Go Bananas. If you live in my area, frequent popular happy hour spots and see a swarm of people roaming the streets dressed in bright yellow shirts, you’ve found us!

So, to support the bake sale and raise some extra funds for WCRF, I’ve prepared Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries. They are, in fact, just as delicious as they sound!

Lucky for us, strawberries are huge at the moment and on sale! Can’t beat it!  To prepare these sweet treats, you’ll need:

a pound or so of fresh strawberries

8 oz cream cheese (I go for 1/3 less fat) – room temp

4 tbsp powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

graham cracker crumbles

I did some work last night to get these babies ready. First, rinse and clean off the fresh strawberries. Using a paring knife, cut out the stem and a bit of the center (you’re creating the spot for the filling!). Some of the strawberries already are hollow inside, so no need to cut more than necessary.

Once you have your berries clean and ready, whip up your cream cheese filling. In a small bowl, combine the cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Mix/beat the ingredients together until smooth (I just used a plain old spoon and some muscle, took about 1 minute). Spoon the mixture into a ziplock bag for easy filling of the berries.

Tip – it really is easier if the cream cheese is at room temperature. Learned this one the hard way when I went to stir and the powdered sugar went up in a puff!

The last thing you’ll need is the graham cracker crumbles. They do sell these in a box, but since it was about twice as expensive, I went with regular old graham crackers and crumbled ’em up myself! Just like the old days. Now that your preparation is done, you can choose to fill your strawberries and dip them in the crumbles now, or wait until right before you serve them. Since I prepared these the night before and wanted to put them all together at work, I refrigerated the ingredients separately and carted them in to the office in the morning.

Now, for assembly. So super easy. Snip off the corner of your ziplock bag, stand your strawberries upright (trick – cut a slice off the bottom to make them even), fill the cavity with the cream cheese filling and then dust with the graham cracker crust (sprinkle, or dip the strawberry in filling first).  Et voilà!

This will be a summertime party staple for me! Yummmmmmmm


2 thoughts on “Bake Sale – Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries!

  1. Those sound a bit better than some of your smoothie recipes. Hope they sold well. But if not… more for you I guess. MK

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