The most colorful holiday of the year!

I think my favorite holiday is Easter.

Easter memories for me include easter egg hunts starting the moment I woke up to find a a jelly bean on my pillow leading to a candy trail I eagerly followed to find colorful eggs hidden around and outside the house, eventually ending up at my easter basket. Some eggs had candy inside, others had coins and a select few had dollar bills (jackpot!!). The hunt was blissful, with an edge of competition. Being the oldest child, I’m sure I let out a few “yeahs!” and “gotchas!” when I snagged the eggs off the top of the doorway and the mantle over the fireplace. My poor 5 year old brother was seriously disadvantaged by both his height and my desire to win.

Of course as a child, I was not nearly this self-aware. All I knew is I could run around in my pajamas, eat candy for breakfast and make a few bucks while I was at it. Total joy for anyone under the age of 10 (sounds pretty good at 26 for that matter).

As I got older, Easter also meant spring break. No school for a week was nice, but even better was the trip to Florida to see my grandparents in Marco Island. A week at the beach, filled with card games, family dinners, watching jeopardy and gathering shells along the beach with my grandma far surpassed the temporary excitement of my easter basket.

Some Easters were spent eating ham (or pushing ham around my plate) at the formal dining room at my grandparent’s house, others were spent fixing a huge vegetarian buffet spread at my mom’s house, complete with yam cakes and mango chutney. Every Easter I can remember brings joyful memories of carefree days spent with the people I love.

The holiday is just so genuine to me. So happy. So colorful. So unexpected – like my surprise package from Mike’s family that arrived in my mailbox after a long, full day. An easter basket of sorts, filled with jellybeans, Aglamesis chocolates (a Cincinnati and MK staple), a fuzzy duck that walks around and pecks at the ground and a lovely handwritten letter, helping me remember the joy of unexpected treats and family traditions. (thank you)

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!


4 thoughts on “The most colorful holiday of the year!

  1. Thank you MK for remembering Mary this Easter while Mike is gone. I appreciate your thoughtfulness too and knowing you read her blog will use this opportunity to wish you and the rest of your family a wonderful Easter . Hope to see you again sometime soon. Kit

    • Happy Easter! I’m experimenting with leg of lamb instead of ham for our Easter dinner this year. We’ll see if it was a good idea or not.
      Have a bright, colorful weekend!!! MK

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