Race Weekend – Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

I am so pumped for this weekend’s Cherry Blossom 10 miler! I’ll count the reasons:

1. Sunday race day! Having Saturday to relax, prep for the race, and get some extra sleep helps out so much. Saturday races require a quick shift from work week to race start and I’m loving the extra day in between.

2. Weather forecast is showing race temps around 48 and partly cloudy. Couldn’t ask for better running weather! This will be a marked difference from the RnR half two weekends ago, when March temps were 20+ degrees above normal with race temps at 75 and full sun. That was a hot and sweaty race after a winter training season and my body did not love it.

3. Awesome gear and well-run expo. Love the shirt design and poster give-a-way for this year’s race! I’ll be following the theme with my pink and purple race day outfit. 🙂

4. (mostly) flat race course! 10 miles is still a hard distance to pace. For me, it is too long to go all out, but perhaps too short to feel like pacing slow. I’m hopeful for a faster time this race and possibly a true PR. It’s my first 10 mile race, so once again I’m in the “it’s a PR if it is the first time, right?” camp.

4. My mom will be in the crowd! She missed the RnR due to her recent surgery, so I am excited to have her in DC to cheer me on for the Cherry Blossom.

To get ready for the race, I spent Saturday eating strategically, stopping by the race expo, reading Runner’s World magazine for some good juju and hanging out with my momma. The day started off with sleeping in until 9:30 (soooo nice), having a delish breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs, an english muffin and my favorite running fuel – a big, fat, juicy orange.

Then it was off to the expo.  The Cherry Blossom has about 15,000 racers, so it’s no small feat to host a decent expo.  The Cherry Blossom team did not disappoint, with a super easy venue (National Building Museum), lots of volunteers to direct you and loads of vendors with freebies and cool gear. I love the tech tee and the poster – awesome design! And it matches my shoes!

After the expo, I stopped by Chipotle for a protein and carb packed lunch. On the menu was a veggie burrito bowl – hold the meat, spicy salsas, sour cream and cheese. Extra rice, beans and guac! I’ll take the tortilla on the side too! And the ever important H2O. Love the water branded cups!

Time to get the bib onto the racing shirt! Continuing with the pink and purple theme, I’m going with a long sleeve tech tee & since it will be about 45 degrees when I start running, I’m bringing a pair of throw away gloves to keep warm for the first few miles. I also pack sports beans for any run over 6-7 miles, since after about an hour of exercise I start to feel a little blood sugar crash. The lemon-lime sports beans give me just enough sugar/carbs to keep going!

I’m feeling pretty good, ready to battle the crowds and get a good run in. After a hard half marathon 2 weeks ago, I’m hopeful for a faster mile time and an enjoyable race. After the Cherry Blossom, I have some decisions to make…since the DC Tri was cancelled, I don’t have another race on the calendar until September! I have my eye on a few fall races (Clarendon Day 10k, MCM10k, Wilson Bridge Half), but need to think about a few summer races and tri’s. Let’s get through these 10 miles first!!

Say a little cheer for me!


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