DIY Painted Wooden Spoons

Mike’s only been gone a week and already I’m breaking out the crafts!

Like many of my recent obsessions, I found a DIY project on Pinterest that I just had to try (via littlebitfunky & House of Earnest blogs)… fancying up plain wooden spoons & spatulas with a little acrylic paint! So, I spent my Friday night in the aisles of the local craft store searching for a few key ingredients for this experiment. Here’s what I gathered:

Acrylic Paint in primary colors – white, black, red, yellow and blue

1/2 inch Paintbrush for Acrylic Paints


Acrylic Clear Finish Spray

My favorite part about painting is mixing the colors, so I chose to forgo the bright array of craft paint and go for the traditional acrylics. Once I was home, I spread out my goods on my kitchen table and poured a glass of red wine. I was ready to paint!

I had two sets of wooden spoons I was using – 1st my own to practice and then a 2nd new set I picked up at Crate & Barrel to go along with a bridal shower gift for a girlfriend. I’m not what you would describe as naturally artistic, or even creative for that matter, so a practice run was completely necessary to make sure I wasn’t about to ruin a perfectly nice set of bamboo cookware!

So, with my 6 year old spoons ready to go, I took the sandpaper I had searched up and down the aisles for, and sanded the bottom half of the spoon handle down a bit to make sure the paint would go on evenly.  Then, I plopped out blobs of my white, yellow, red and blue paint into my palette and got ready to mix my colors. I originally was going for a more muted pastel look, but ended up with a bright rainbow of colors – which made me pretty happy. One by one, my spoons got a little more cheerful! Since this was my practice run, I took some creative license and tried a two-tone spoon with yellow and purple. Take 1 is below:

I’m pretty glad I did the practice run! For one thing, now I have some funky spoons. Secondly, I learned a couple things before I moved on to the next set – I realized I wanted my colors to be different heights on the spoon for a little more effect. I also chose my colors – light yellow, salmon-y orange, darker purple, electric blue and grassy green. Oh and I needed to remember to paint the end of the spoon! I forgot a couple ends the first go round :). Here’s Take 2:

Now, those look a little more present appropriate! I let the paint dry overnight and then sprayed the spoon handles with the acrylic finishing spray the next day. After another 12+ hours of drying, they were ready to be tied up in a bow and given as a gift at my friend’s bridal shower. Here’s the final product:

Pretty darn good for my first DIY gift, if I can say so myself! They were a hit at the bridal shower and I hope my girlfriend gets some use out of these happy spoons. Easy, fun and useful DIY project for old or new spoons!


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