Race Weekend – Rock ‘n Roll DC Half

Whelp – race weekend is upon us and I am experiencing my typical mix of excitement and nerves.

Did I really sign up for a half marathon???

Is my time goal realistic (maybe I’ll pretend I never had a time goal)?

Will I finish the race?

What if I have to, gasp, walk?

Somehow I manage to calm myself down enough to remember, I’ve prepared for this. Long runs, short runs, good nutrition and hydration. I have amazing support (both at the race and from afar). It’s gonna hurt, there will be miles I loathe, my feet will start tingling around mile 12. But, I know I can do this. I want to have fun!

One of my favorite ways to motivate myself throughout a race, is to dedicate my hardest miles to people I care about. I plan on holding pretty steady until mile 10 or so, and then I’ll start my dedications.

Mile 11 – for Mike. He leaves Tuesday for his 90 day overseas assignment. I’m dedicating this mile to him because I am inspired by his passion for life, I respect him for what he contributes to the world and I rely on his support on race day, and every day.

Mile 12 – for my grandfather. My whole life, he has been the person who has motivated me to do big things. Be smart, be active, do something worthwhile. If I try to impress anyone, it is him. I won’t let him down, and I know thinking of him and all he has been through in his life will get me through this hard mile.

Mile 13 – for my mom, my best friend. We’ve been through a lot in these last few weeks (months…years…ha). Together, we are unstoppable, but separately, we remain strong. Her fight to stay healthy during her recent breast cancer diagnosis and the hard decisions she has made to ensure her future health inspire me to push past my limits and conquer my fear.

Mile 13 is for her, because, while it will be hard, it will also be the most joyful. Crossing the finish line is such an experience – you are proud, relieved, exhilarated, and you feel invincible. I dedicate that feeling to my momma.

Here goes nothing!



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