Who’s your person?

The luckiest of us have a person. Someone to help you clean up your messes, who drives you to the airport and who can make you smile on your absolute worst day. I’m lucky enough to have people. I’m also human enough to have stuff. Doubts, fears, baggage. My people have stuff too. Family issues, cancer, injuries. And we support each other with honesty, humor and java chip ice cream.

I am grateful for my people – my mom, my bf and my very best friends. I thought of each of them when I saw the very best thing today.

I saw a man leaving the metro station on his way home from work. He very obviously had stuff. He was confined to a wheelchair…I don’t know what got him there, but I know what has kept him going. He had people.

As he maneuvered through the crowd, he had a friend riding shotgun – his therapy dog. And get this, puppy was carrying the man’s lunch bag in its mouth. I’ve never seen a truer friend and gosh I wish I had a pic to share. Puppy and human made their way to another friend waiting to pick them up in his handicapped accessible van. His people afforded him the freedom of movement. A freedom that allowed him a life beyond his confines and a freedom I know I take for granted.

All of this is to say, today I am grateful for my people I lean on, the strength to provide them support when they lean on me and my physical freedom to move.

What are you grateful for today?


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