Practice? We talking about practice?

Did you know that “practice makes perfect” is actually a misquote?  The actual saying is PRACTICE IS EVERYTHING.  And indeed it is.

Over the last couple of years I started training for different races, 5k’s, 4 milers, 10k’s, etc.  Then, I had the original idea to do a triathlon (along with the rest of the overachieving DC population) and am now onto 10 milers and half marathons.  So, why do I get up at 5:30am on a Saturday to toe a starting line dressed in extremely tight clothing and hot pink shoes? (oh ya, I said it, hot pink)

I’ll tell you what, it is definitely not for the free banana and granola bar at the end. It is because I have worked my freakin’ butt off for the last few months PRACTICING for that very moment. For a runner, practice = training runs. And training runs happen almost every day. They mean early mornings, lots of layers, and waterproof jackets in offending colors (fluorescent green – I owe you my life). Training runs can be quick or they can be loooooong.

I am loving my current half marathon program – although, I am a rebel and I always tweak a plan to make it my own. The premise of the plan is to build a consistent base, get faster over time and increase your distance at a level that won’t get you flat on your back with ice packs all over your body.

{Monday}   5 miles, normal to slow pace — perfecto for my Monday night ladies run

{Tuesday}   3-4 miles, fast or race pace

{Wednesday}   cross-train, hello pool

{Thursday}   4 miles, normal or tempo if I’m feeling crazy

{Friday}   the glorious day of rest

{Saturday}   long run (starts at 5 and goes up to 15 over 10 weeks)

{Sunday}   4 mile recovery run… oddly enough this tends to be my fastest run of the week.  I guess I’ve beaten my legs into submission by this point.

I run for the practice, not for the race.  Knowing that every time out the door will make me better, watching my times get faster and faster, seeing lean muscle form and relishing in the opportunity to clear my head each day motivates me to lace up. Make it a habit and you will fall in love. (YES! I found a way to mention love on Valentine’s Day!)

Oh, and major double-stuffed brownie points to all of you that immediately got the AI reference. WE TALKING ‘BOUT PRACTICE??


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