Talk about multi-tasking.  Tonight, while I meditated (for a whopping 10 minutes), my dinner was also cooking away in the oven.  A timer with dual purposes!

First, let’s talk about the less-than-fortunate dinner I just ate.  On a usual Monday, I would have had my very favorite run of the week – the ladies fun run with Pacers Arlington (and my bff from college, Meg).  We do a 4-5 mile run each Monday night and it just starts the week off right.  Tonight, instead, I had a work meeting at 5pm.  I can’t complain – 1. I scheduled it, and 2. it was over wine and appetizers.  Sometimes that is just the way to get things done.  I throughly enjoyed an extra large pour of a malbec and edamame.  Yumm.

Now, here comes the main course.  A veggie “reduced guilt” personal pizza from trader joes.  Let me tell you what this translates to — less cheese.  And, let me also tell you what the very best part of pizza is.  CHEESE!  And so, let’s review my before and after photos.  Reduced deliciousness vs. reasonable calorie intake.  After photo was just dominated.



Now, while that glorious extra bit of cheese was melting away in the oven, I was perched in my new found meditation spot.  It is fantastic really.  I sit on an inspired carpet (shaped as a flower, magenta and gasp, purple).  Clue- purple is a theme.  I even have a view of the Washington Monument.  But my eyes are closed — riiight.

Tonight hit 10 whole minutes.  It went a little like this…

1-2 mins – this is kind of nice, relaxing, quiet – except i breathe really loudly… embarrassing!

3-4 mins – dang, i should have put on lotion after my shower, my legs are ittttchy!  and my hips are tight, and my left eyebrow itches, and good lord I have terrible posture!

5-6 mins – the oven is humming and i can smell that delicious cheese.  It is calling my name!

7-8 mins – hmm, what i’m feeling right now is kinda hard to describe… how could i make it ironically funny on my blog?

9-10 mins – when will the freaking timer EVER go off!?! it has to have been at least nine minutes.  If I just peek one eye open, I’m still mostly meditating.  One, two.. BEEEP!!

As you can see, meditation and I have never really, you know, gone all the way. 


2 thoughts on “Medi..whaa?

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