Choose Happy!

In a world that is so full of negativity, constant comparisons and unattainable goals, have you ever forgotten to be happy?  I mean, it is obviously more trendy to have  a life full of drama – that is how you end up with #hashtags and spots on TMZ.  Let’s be real – even if I do choose drama, I’m not getting national press anyway.  So, I choose happy!

Happiness to me happens when you take the time to ENJOY your life, the amazing opportunities you have been given and share something valuable with the world.  Over the last few years, I’ve done this with mediocrity.  I am a grateful person and I have SO MUCH.  But, I’ve actually felt a struggle with balancing the enjoyment and appreciation of all I have with a feeling of guilt – am I doing enough? am I successful enough? do I even want all the stuff that I have?  I’ve allowed some of my choices to just happen to me, rather than fully understand the path I am on and choosing my next steps to always go in a positive direction.  It’s kinda like existing instead of living.

Well, no more!  Through the daily activities described on Quest for Happy, I am taking control of my mindset, outlook and future happiness.  It starts today with a full post…after today, you’ll get just the very best of my daily activities (hopefully ones that are funny, inspirational, pretty to look at, etc).

How to play the game – every day, complete the 5 activities below to reflect, appreciate and learn from your experiences to become more positive, purposeful and just plain happy.

Today I am grateful for the delicious chai tea latte from my neighborhood coffee shop, a blue sky filled with big fluffy white clouds and my proximity to DC & the Potomac river (maybe not clean, but it is gorgeous)

Last night, we had a girl’s night in with games, wine and celebrity gossip.  SO NECESSARY.  It was a fabulous way to spend a cold, snowy night — there was no running from cabs to bars in tights and heels.  Instead, we died laughing over a game called Salad Bowl – a game that requires so little, you could play it anywhere.  All you need is a bowl (which is debatable really). scraps of paper, something to write with and a timer (hello, iPhone).  Each person gets 5 pieces of paper and writes down a word on each.  Throw it into the bowl, form teams and let the fun begin!  Round 1 – played like taboo – you can say anything EXCEPT the word to get your team to guess what’s on the slip of paper.  Round 2 – played like charades – get up and act it out!  Round 3 – you get to say exactly one word to get your team to guess the word.  Since you use the same slips of paper for each round, you’d think you might remember what the words are and make guessing much easier.  Not so much!  Combine all of the laughing & wine, and you miss a lot!  Some of the best clues from last night were during charades… I acted out “poop” and a friend acted out “toilet paper”.  Seriously, bathroom humor is not just a guy thing.

Exercise – well, disclaimer – here is where you’ll be hearing a lot about my training for races and triathlons.  I’m about 5 weeks away from my first race of the year and I am in full training swing.  Yesterday, I actually experienced my first training FAIL of the season – going out for a long run and cutting it short.  I was meant to run 13 miles and had planned a nice little route around DC – to Georgetown, along the Potomac, by the White House, pretty much all of the monuments and then back across the bridge into Arlington to head home.  Well, I only made it to the White House.  Half-freaking-way.  But, I stand by my tweet that “A shorter than intended run is better than no run at all”.  I went out with good intentions, but didn’t prepare myself (not enough food, dressed to warmly, etc).  Next time out, all that will be in order and I will dominate those 13 miles!

Meditation – this is the one I am super excited about.  I totally buy into the benefits of meditation.  I just don’t do it.  Until now.  As soon as I hit post on this sucker, I’m starting off with a quick 5 minute meditation.  If anything funny happens, you’ll be the first to know 🙂

Alright, last one.  Conscious or random act of kindness.  Today I send my Valentine’s Day cards.  Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them.

If you made it this far, I thank you.  What did you do that made you happy today?


2 thoughts on “Choose Happy!

  1. YES! Salad Bowl is awesome 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else you’ll be posting about…and maybe your talk about training will kick my butt into gear. Eek only one month til the Rock & Roll half!!

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